KORE's Holiday Gift Guide

November 13, 2019

KORE's Holiday Gift Guide

Follow this gift guide to win the holidays.

We're gonna say it so the guys don't have to...

No more socks. He likes the basic white ones from the dollar store. He doesn't want knee-highs with baseball bats on them.

No more beer subscriptions. Buying beer is akin to a religious experience. Therapeutic even. Also, those compilation boxes are too quirky. There is no reason for pineapple hibiscus beer to exist. 

And please, no more funny mugs / ties / slippers / grilling aprons. It's funny one time. That's it.

Well, we'll start with the obvious. A new belt. Honestly, most belts should be replaced every year - if not sooner. It's a functional accessory he wears everyday that goes through a lot. If he's still rockin' belt holes, he's not getting the best fit. Our 10 inch track allows for 1/4 inch adjustability so he can fit his belt precisely.

Shopping for the... Everyday Guy


KORE Classic Belt Gift Set: 

KORE Classic Bundle
  • Stitched Black Leather Belt
  • Stitched Brown Leather Belt
  • Express Gunmetal Buckle
  • Endeavor Alloy Buckle

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Shopping for the... Tactical Guy

Does he carry? Be sure to checkout our reinforced EDC belts available in leather and tactical nylon.

KORE EDC Belt Gift Set: 

  • Reinforced Black Leather Belt
  • Reinforced Black Tactical Belt
  • X1 Buckle
  • X5 Buckle


Shopping for the... Outdoors Man

We've all experienced that horrifying sound of glasses hitting pavement as you bend over and your sunglasses come flying out of your shirt. KORE Sunglasses are designed with magnetic lockable arms so you never have to buy another pair again. These shades are also polarized with UV400 protection and come in two styles: Reckless Wayfarer & Badlands Wrap.

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Shopping for the... Handyman

As for stocking stuffers, if you're looking for something small, we'd recommend a *useful* keychain like the KORE one (which happens to double as a flathead screwdriver, GoPro wrench tool and bottle opener). It's basically the pocket knife of keychains.

Shopping for the... Guy Who Has Everything

[Boyfriend, Dad, Grandpa, Boss]

Another great stocking stuffer is THE wallet to beat all wallets. The problem with most wallets is that they're bulky. Which sounds like a first-world-problem but we don't mean bulky because they're stuffed with bills. They're bulky from the get-go. This is unacceptable because wallets are meant to live in your pocket. If you cram a 3 inch thick wallet into your back pocket for a few hours, forget sitting down. You may even develop a lopsided limp.

Introducing the KORE Slim Wallet: full-grain leather wallet with RFID-blocking compartment and removable carbon fiber money clip. The smart pull tab gives instant access to main pocket without digging. For the traditionalist, we made a sleek Bi-Fold Wallet that opens up highlighting the same features, the smart pull tab and RFID-blocking compartment.

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