Kore Leather Ratchet Belts feature a hidden micro adjustable track with 40+ sizing positions that let you ratchet in the perfect fit. Order as a set, or shop buckles & belts separately.

What is a ratchet belt?

A Ratchet Belt is a type of belt buckle that uses a hidden track to adjust the belt with - NOT belt holes. Why is this better? Because traditional belts use 5-7 holes spaced about 1 inch (25 cm) or more apart. But your waist sizes typically fluctuates 1/4 inch at a time. A ratchet belt let's you adjust in small 1/4 inch increments to match this fluctuation. A small knob under the buckle is used to adjust or remove the belt buckle entirely.

Why you should get a ratchet gun belt

Ratchet belts are just better than traditional belts with holes.  Here are some reasons why:

  • Ratchet belts last longer.  Because ratchet belts are microadjustable, they fit better.  A better fit means less stretching.  And less stretching means less wear and longer belt life.
  • Ratchet belts fit better.  The microadjustability of ratchet belts means you can adjust it for the perfect fit.  Different pants have different thicknesses.  One ratchet belt can be adjusted to the perfect fit for every pair of your jeans and slacks.
  • More versatility and options.  Ratchet belts and belt buckles are interchangeable.  So you can pick the right belt color and buckle finish to go with the rest of your outfit.
  • Easy to buy.  Ratchet belts have the track along the whole back side.  So there are just 2 size options - regular (under 44 inches) and XL (up to 54 inches).  So its easy to pick the right one and be confident that it will fit.

Getting your first ratchet gun belt is one of those small changes that instantly has a lasting impact on your EDC routine.  Most people, after getting their first ratchet belt, never go back to their previous belts.


Our unique, ratchet style gun belts were designed in our California studios and use a simple, spring-loaded caliber mechanism that's reliable and durable. All our gun buckles and belts are Patented. 


If you don't love your new belt, ship it back to us within 30 days (original condition) and get a full refund. All Kore products carry a 1-Year Warranty against defects, premature wear and/or breakage.

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