"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
Leonardo DiVinci

In 2012 we set out to redefine men's accessories beginning with men's belt. Our philosophy was simple > blend innovation with superior materials to create unique, more exciting products that exceed expectations. Thanks to your support we've been able to make this a reality.   

Men's fancy black leather belt from department store

Since the inception of the belt thousands of years ago, traditional belts never seem to fit correctly. With holes spaced an inch or more apart, they're usually either too tight or too loose. And the leather holes tend to stretch and crack with age and wear. We knew there had to be a better way.

Depiction of me making a few extra belt holes and ruining the belt in the process.

Armed with a passion for product design, we set out to create a new men's belt that not only functioned better, but included superior materials, and of course, great styling. Why? Because to us, that’s what a man's belt should be – great fitting, high-quality and stylish. 

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We started with a ratcheting buckle and track belt that had been invented decades before in Asia. Instead of belt holes, these belts used a hidden track that provides forty 1/4" spaced sizing positions to choose from. This meant you could size your belt incrementally 1/4" at a time and get the perfect, precise fit all day long. And without the belt holes, the belt seemed to maintain it's new look much longer than a traditional belt. It seemed so obviously better ad we loved the concept. So why hadn't this caught on with men in the USA?  Simple - the magnetic buckle mechanism was very clunky and unreliable and the face of the buckle wasn't styled correctly for American customers (see pics below). So although the concept was amazing - it needed a redesign and further innovation.

Chinese style ratchet belts

Backside of Chinese buckles with clunky magnet mechanism

As a side note, this is the same exact buckle several of our competitors sell today and pass off as their own innovation, having merely stamped their logo on it. They're really more belt importers than designers and manufacturers. And their buckle is not patent-able, because it’s not unique. This buckle wasn’t good enough for us. We wanted to create a sleek, stylish, reliable ratchet buckle that we would want to purchase and wear. So we rolled up our sleeves.

Trakline "Evolve" buckle and black full-grain leather belt
Backside of the Trakline belt with spring-loaded mechanism

After a year and a half of redesigning, prototyping and testing, we were ready to debut our new Kore ratchet belts with our patented Trakline technology. It consisted of a sleek, spring-loaded, patented buckle that we designed in-house and created the molds for ourselves. 

Trakline belts launch on Kickstarter 2013

In May of 2013, we launched on KICKSTARTER, giving backers a choice of four different classic belt buckle designs. We were fortunate enough to gain the support of over 4,000 “Backers” in just 30 days. Our new men's ratchet belts and company, Kore Essentials, had become a reality. Later that year we opened our first online store ( and began selling Trakline belts direct to customers every day, worldwide.

Express belt gunmetal finish and brown genuine leather belt.  No-holes, ratchet men's belt by Kore Essentials.

Flash forward to 2016. We launched our 6th Kickstarter project - the new "Express Buckle and Smooth Belt". The buckle was a sleek, open design that looked classic and cool. The smooth belt had no visible stitching and was something we developed in-house. Within a mere 30 days we topped our previous record and became the #1 All-Time Funded Fashion Accessory and #8 overall with over 7,000 backers. Even we were surprised by the positive reaction to our new express belt buckles. Thanks again to all of our "backers" their your support in making our dream a reality. 

The KORE Difference 
Blend innovation with superior quality to create better, more exciting products that exceed expectations.

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