Sizing Your Trakline Belt

ONE SIZE Fits Every Waist >> from 24" up to 44"  (XL & Gun Belts up to 54")

NOTE:  We make both Fashion & Gun Belts and they are NOT interchangeable. 

Your new belt will arrive in one long length and you trim it to your "size zone" using a pair of household scissors.  It's quick and easy to do. Just follow these simple steps...  

  1. On the back of the leather, we printed a sizing ruler. Find your pant size on the ruler and add 4 inches.
  2. Using sharp household scissors – trim off excess leather.
    (example: your waist is 34” – cut belt at 38”)
  3. Insert the newly cut end of belt into buckle teeth and clamp firmly.
  4. Feed belt around your waist (L to R), through buckle and click until snug.
  5. If belt is too long – remove buckle and trim again, one inch at a time.

Now you can adjust your belt 1/4" at a time for the perfect fit. You're welcome.  

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