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Gun Belt Questions Answered

Gun Belt Questions Answered


Gun Belt Questions Answered

If you are new to Gun Ownership, you may be wondering what equipment you absolutely need versus the type of gear that you do not. To adequately carry a firearm in 2022, one should consider investing in a few key pieces of gear to ensure a stable, secure, and reliable carry. One such piece of must-have gear is a solid, sturdy, and well-made Gun Belt. A good quality leather or nylon belt will help to keep you comfortable while carrying your firearm, whether at work, out on the town, or in any situation where you need to act fast.

 Leather Gun Belts, Tactical Gun Belts and EDC (everyday carry) belts.

We researched the top Googled gun belt questions in 2022 and answered them for you below. When it comes to Gun Belt questions, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started. 

What is the point of a gun belt?

Gun belts help to keep your gun in one position and prevent it from sagging outwards. The heavier the firearm, the stiffer the belt will need to be for support- which means you should buy something durable. A holster with a loose fitting belt can cause twisting or catching when sitting down especially while driving; an exposed weapon could get caught on something too, so ensuring you have a solid belt is the first place to start. The heavier the gun, the stiffer the leather or nylon belt should be for support. Always make sure when you carry your firearm, you secure it with a quality holster, such as Tier1 Concealed, and a strong, stiff, well-made gun belt. 


Why do I need a gun belt? 
Gun belts are essential for carrying a firearm, as they keep a weapon from sagging. Standard belts do not consist of the stiffness, nor structure designed to hold the weight and position of a firearm. Standard belts are meant only to hold pants around your waist with little to no added weight around or on the belt and simply prevent pants from sagging. With a gun belt, they are constructed with stiffer materials to ensure the gun and holster stay in place, while moving, walking, and even running. A gun belt can prevent an accidental discharge by limiting excessive movement of both yourself and holster/gun throughout activity. The stiffer the belt, the better it supports the weight of a firearm. 


Reinforced Gun Belt to support appendix carry inside the waist band (AIWB)


Is it worth getting a gun belt? 
Gun belts are an essential component of any form of carry. Not only is a gun belt made for support, but they offer you a safe and comfortable carry each and every time. Something to consider is the amount of wear and tear a belt takes in general. On average a person adjusts their belt 5 to 8 times a day. Now, add the amount of use a belt gets with a holster and a firearm secured. If you currently carry a firearm, and use a traditional belt, you may notice that you have to constantly pull up your pants because the weight of your firearm on your hip is just too much for any standard belt. It can be annoying, uncomfortable and unsafe to have such gear grinding against one's body.  A gun belt is essential for carrying safely and securely, but many people don't realize this until after buying themselves multiple standard department store belts. A good quality gun belt does not cost any more than a quality department store belt, but it does offer support unlike a traditional belt. 


What makes a good gun belt? 
A good gun belt should feature the three “S’s”- Solid support, Snug Fit, and Stiff construction. Gun belts should be rigid enough to support the weight, but flexible and forgiving so that you don't get an unnecessary sharp wrenching feeling when bending or reaching for items. The fit should be snug to your body, accommodate room for the holster position of your choice, and adjust close to your specific waist. Lastly, the construction of the belt should be stiff- yet flexible enough to wrap around your waist. 


 Tactical gun belt  

What is an EDC Belt? 
An everyday carry, or EDC belt is a must for anyone who carries their gun and holster while going into town-or anywhere they roam. Most often, a good EDC belt is constructed with durable leather or nylon that often features an added beefed up internal core made specifically to support the weight of your setup.

The best EDC belts are built with a polymer core or Power-Core™ Center (as in our KORE belts) that can help support your gun and holster. They're also extra durable, so you don't have to worry about breaking or losing their shape over time like other belt materials. A quality everyday carry – or EDC-belt is made from various layers of material combined together in order to keep up with the daily demands of any gun carrier. 


Who makes the best EDC belt? 
We might be biased, but our Kore Essentials EDC belts are the top of the line belts, at a great price point, with years of research, patents, and craftsmanship behind our name. We specialize in a variety of EDC belts that offer support, comfort, and reliability with every carry. While we stand behind our products, we do recognize some like the classic “hole” adjustment belts such as Hanks, Daltech, Relentless Tactical, and more. While the “who makes the best EDC belt?” question is subjective, do your research and find a belt that doesn’t sacrifice on quality or materials.


Kore Essentials Gun Belts, concealed carry belt, edc belts and battle belts.


Are gun belts comfortable? 
The short answer is - sometimes. Some gun belts can be very comfortable. However, some gun belts are unnecessarily stiff and thick, beyond what is needed, and can feel binding and fairly uncomfortable. But the best gun belts can be very comfortable to the point where you forget you're even carrying a gun. Actually some thin flimsy non-gun belts can sag so much that they are uncomfortable, as your holster and gun hang down pulling on your pants. The best gun belts are feature reinforced centers that are stiff for support, yet equally flexible for comfort. Additionally it's important to get a gun belt that fits well, so your holster is snug and not too loose or tight, but just right. Just like anything you buy, you get what you pay for. Cheaper, knock off belts can cost you more in the long run. Grab a belt from trusted belt brands like Kore Essentials, Crossbreed, Hanks, Blue Alpha and BigFoot belts. The stiffness and support offered by a gun belt makes for carrying more comfortable as the specific rigidity of the belts distribute the weight of the gun where it needs to be.


What kind of belt should I use for concealed carry? 
There really are two types of belts for concealed carry: leather and nylon. No matter the material, a gun belt should be fairly stiff, as this helps to keep the gun in place and makes it less likely to shift during movement. 


Kore Essentials makes the best leather gun belts for everyday carry and concealed carry.


Who makes the Best Concealed Carry Belt? 
Kore Essentials. Yes, we are definitely biased proclaiming that title, but if you read all the reviews online, you'll see tens of thousands of customers agree. Kore Essentials makes the best EDC belts on the market today, at a great price point, with years of research, patents, and craftsmanship behind the name. What makes us the best? Kore belts don't use holes or velcro to adjust with. Instead all of our belts have a hidden track that gives you over 40+ sizing positions to choose from. You can adjust our belts in tiny 1/4" increments while you run, walk or sit, without undoing your buckle. The result is a perfect fit every time you put one on. You can see the entire collection of Kore Essentials gun belts at


What makes Kore gun belts the best? 
In our opinion what makes Kore the best gun belts on the market is the fact that we’re constantly evolving, trying to find new ways to bring the best quality for the best carry. Kore gun belts feature several patents for our ratchet design system, come with our Proprietary Power Core Center, feature interchangeable buckles, and come with a warranty that outlasts the competition.




How does a Kore gun belt work? 
Kore gun belts are made using two pieces of Top-Grain leather. (1.5" wide & 5.5 mm thick). One piece on the front of the belt, one on the back, both stitched together with a poly-core (polyurethane and nylon blend) center for added stability and stiffness to prevent rollover. There is a hidden 10" track sewn into the back of the belt with 40+ size positions to adjust within small 1/4" increments. The result is an amazing, precise fit that is comfortable and secure. The leather gun belts are one-size and will fit anyone with a waist size from 24" up to 44", with extra leather to allow the belt to pass thru the buckle and belt loop for CCW. Our leather gun belts support a maximum of 4 pounds (total weight). You can learn more by watching videos on our Product Video Page: 


What’s the average price for a gun belt? 
Gun belt prices can vary based on type, material, brand, and other elements. Prices on gun belts start around $25 for the low-end range and can eclipse several hundred dollars if exotic materials are used. On average you can find a solid, long lasting gun belt in the $50-$90 range.


 Super thick leather gun belts.

How thick should a gun belt be? 
When it comes to gun belts, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The thickness of the belt will vary depending on the type of gun you are carrying, as well as your personal preferences. While different sized belts may be better for some people, a gun belt with a width of 1.5” is the most versatile width for a wide variety of different holsters and weapon systems. A heavier gun will require a thicker belt in order to support the weight, while a lighter gun can be carried on a thinner belt. But beware, overly thick, stiff gun belts, that typically don't flex much can be very uncomfortable for everyday or extended wear. Ultimately, the best way to determine the right belt thickness for you is to experiment with different options and see what feels most comfortable. With a little trial and error, you'll be able to find the perfect gun belt for your needs. 

Who makes the thickest, stiffest leather gun belts? 
Gun belts come in a variety of thicknesses and stiffness, depending on the manufacturer. Some gun belts are made from thick, stiff leather that is difficult to bend, while others are made from thinner, more supple leather that can be easily wrapped around the waist. The thickness of the leather and the stiffness of the gun belt can have a significant impact on the comfort of the wearer and the gun's performance. Brands like Hanks Belts are sold online directly to customers and feature a 100 year warranty on their belts. Of course even so I doubt most folks want to pass their gun belt down to their grandkids. They are known for thick belts and their lineup of leather belts come in various sizes (up to 1.5”) and colors. BigFoot Belts are also some of the thickest out there. The 14-ounce gun belts (both the core and non-core) are roughly .22" thick and the 18-ounce belts with core are approximately .28" thick. 


Battle belt, war belt, molle belt, operator belt, duty belt.

What is a Battle Belt? 
A battle belt is a specialized load-bearing belt that is worn by military personnel, law enforcement officers and civilian shooters. Its primary purpose is to provide a sturdy platform for attaching holsters, magazine pouches and other gear. However, battle belts can also be used to carry extra ammunition, medical supplies and other essential items. Battle belts are usually made from heavy-duty nylon or leather, and they often have slots or loops for attaching D-ring carabiners. In recent years, battle belts have become increasingly popular with civilian shooters, as they offer a convenient way to carry all of your shooting gear in one place. Whether you're heading to the range or the woods, a battle belt can help you be prepared for anything. 


Who makes the Best battle belt?
When it comes to battle belts, there are a lot of options out there. But who makes the best battle belt? That's a tough question to answer, as there are many factors to consider. One important factor is the material the belt is made from. Another is the size and weight of the belt. And of course, there's also the question of price. With so many factors to consider, it's hard to say who makes the best battle belt.  

Kore Essentials Micro-Adjustable Battle Belt


Gun Belt Wrap Up: 
A gun belt is an important piece of gear for anyone who carries a firearm. Not only does it help keep your weapon stable and secure, but it also provides added comfort when carrying throughout the day. If you are in the market for a new gun belt, be sure to check out our Kore Belts. Our belts are made with top-quality materials and construction, ensuring that your carry system will perform flawlessly. Explore our website today and see for yourself why Kore Belts are some of the best on the market. Thanks for reading! 

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