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Classic Nylon Belts
Kore Essentials makes the best fitting, most comfortable, nylon men’s belt you will ever wear.  All of our belts are micro-adjustable and make the perfect work belt, casual belt or jeans belt.
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Kore nylon web belts use a 40-point track sizing system that’s sewn into the back of the strap. This track along with our patent ratchet buckles let you - tighten or loosen - your belt in small ¼” increments without ever unbuckling. The result = a perfect fit all day, every day.

Handcrafted from nylon webbing, these 1-3/8” wide belts feature our proprietary, Power-Core™ center for added strength and durability. Kore men’s belts are compatible with all Kore ratchet fashion buckles, so you can mix and match to suit your tastes or needs.

NOTE:  Kore men’s fashion belts are designed to look great and hold up your pants. They are NOT designed to support a firearm. We do offer a wide variety of Reinforced Gun Belts in our EDC Gun Belt collections.

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