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Kore Essentials the originator of the ratcheting gun belt introduces the World’s First Micro-Adjustable Competition Shooting belts. This 2 belt system features a rugged scuba webbing outer belt with double reinforced core for maximum rigidity, a reinforced inner Velcro belt and signature Kore ratchet buckle so you can tighten to a perfect fit.  

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Our innovative competition speed belts are micro adjustable, so you can tighten the belt to achieve perfect fit every time. A hidden track sewn into the back of the outer belt lets you adjust the fit in small ¼” increments, with over 20+ sizing points to choose from.

Handcrafted from the highest quality scuba webbing, competition gun belts feature 2 layers of our proprietary, Reinforced Power-Core™ center, designed to provide rigid support for your firearm and gear. Available in 1.5" belt widths, they are only compatible with the Kore "C" Series buckle.

Kore competition shooting belts are perfect for USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) and IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) events. The belts ultra stiff construction and perfect fit makes it the ultimate shooters belt. Because we understand, when you’re competing - adjustability, fit and support are paramount. 

Note: Kore competition belts (outer belt & inner belt) are not permissible for IDPA matches. IDPA regulations require that belts pass thru a minimum of 2 belt loops. In this case we recommend using just the stiff 1.5" outer belt, which can feed thru 2 or more belt loops, OR any of our 1.5" CCW style belts you prefer.

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