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Kore Essentials makes the best fitting, most comfortable, men’s belt you will ever wear.  All of our belts feature a micro-adjustable track for precise sizing and make the perfect work belt, casual belt or jeans belt. This particular collection is for belt straps ONLY and does NOT include buckles. Belt and Buckles can be purchase as a set or separately on our website.

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leather and nylon fashion belts use a
40-point track sizing system
that’s sewn into the back of the belt strap.
This track along with our patent ratchet buckles let you - tighten or loosen - your belt in small ¼” increments without ever unbuckling. The result = a perfect fit all day, every day.

Handcrafted from top grain leather, full leather or nylon webbing, these 1-3/8” wide belts feature our
proprietary, Power-Core™ center for added strength and
durability. Kore men’s belts are compatible
with all Kore ratchet fashion buckles, so you can mix and match to suit your
tastes or needs.  

NOTE: These are belts straps ONLY and do NOT include buckles. Kore men’s classic
fashion belts are designed to look great and hold up your pants. They
are NOT designed to support a firearm. We do offer a wide variety of Reinforced
Gun Belts in our EDC Gun Belt collections.

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