Kore duty belts use a patented, innovative track system that's sewn into the back of the belt. This hidden track lets you instantly tighten or loosen your belt in small 1/4" increments, without ever having to undo the belt or buckle. The result is a perfect fit all day - every day

Kore duty belts are Manufactured in the USA using our unique manmade 'Amortek' material that's bio-engineered to outperform and outlast traditional dutybelts. Additionally, they feature our proprietary, Reinforced Power-Core™ center for added support and durability.

Note: both the Kore inner liner belt AND outer duty belt must be worn together to achieve the micro adjustable sizing feature. Whether you're a law enforcement officer, active military, or security professional, these are the most adjustable, supportive and comfortable duty belts you will ever wear.