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How many times have you stuck your sunglasses in your shirt collar, only to have them fall out and hit the ground?  If you’re like most guys – dozens, and it’s never good. Lenses can get scratched or even break sometimes. We decided to do something about it... 

Introducing our patented KORE Neo-Lock, Polarized Sunglasses. What makes Kore sunglasses so special?  We implanted small neodymium magnets into each of the temples, so when you fold and close the arms - they lock shut, allowing you to securely attach your glasses to your shirt collar, sleeve, or even gear. It's honestly feels a bit like magic, but it's actually just another Kore innovation. 

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They’re available in men's Fashion style shades, and our Recon Ballistic, MIL-PRF, ANSI Rated sunglasses for total eye protection when range shooting, on duty or even the battle field.

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