Kore Essentials is the Originator of the Ratcheting Gun Belt, and maker of the World’s Best Tactical Gun Belts for tactical training, concealed carry (CCW), everyday carry (EDC), firearms training, competitive shooting, law enforcement officers and military personnel. 

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What makes Kore tactical belts the best? First, we use a micro adjustable track that’s sewn into the back of the belt. This track lets you adjust your belt in small ¼” adjustments to over 40+ sizing points. The result = a perfect fit all day, every day.

Second, Kore Tactical Belts use superior quality materials including our proprietary Reinforced Power-Core™ center. This stiff, flexible element provides total support for any concealed carry firearm or equipment, and yet flexes for all day comfort. Available in 1.5" belt widths, they’re compatible with all Kore "X" Series gun belt buckles, so you can choose the look that best suits your firearm carry needs.

Whether you’re a gun enthusiast, CCW permit holder, outdoorsmen, hunter, security professional, law enforcement or even military - Kore has the best Gun Belts for you. Because we understand, when you carry a firearm every day for work or personal protection - adjustability, support and comfort are paramount.