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Kore Essentials introduces the World’s First Micro-Adjustable Battle Belt - the ultimate reinforced, battle belt for range training, security professionals, law enforcement officers and military personnel. 

Kore’s innovative, patented dual-belt system (outer & inner belt) is micro adjustable and unlike any other molle operator belt. A hidden track sewn into the back of the belt lets you adjust your gun belt size – tighter or looser - in small ¼” increments, for the perfect fit all day

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Handcrafted from superior materials, these specialty war belts feature our proprietary, Reinforced Power-Core™ center, designed to
support firearms, rifles, multiple magazines, medical packs, and much more. They can basically handle anything you can throw on them. Available in 1.75" belt widths, with full Molle, they’re compatible exclusively with Kore battle belt buckles.

Whether you're a firearms instructor, professional shooter, security professional, law enforcement officer, or even soldier on the battle field, these are the most adjustable, supportive and comfortable battle belts you will ever wear.

Choose between the B1 and B2 buckles. They are only different aesthetically. There is no benefit to choosing one over the other.

Note:  Both the Kore inner liner belt AND outer battle belt must be worn together to achieve the micro adjustable sizing feature. 

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