Kore Essentials makes the ultimate adjustable ratchet belt for men.

Unlike traditional belts with punched holes, Kore’s adjustable, ratchet belt is the most comfortable belt made for man.

Occasionally called a click belt, the Kore Classic Fashion belt have a track or series of teeth sewn into the inside of the belt strap. No holes means the buckle of the belt contains a mechanism that engages with the teeth, allowing the wearer to easily adjust the belt to the desired tightness and lock it in place.

Ratchet belts are known for their convenience and ease of use. They offer a precise and customizable fit, as they can be adjusted in small increments, unlike traditional belts with fixed holes. 

Available in 1.38” and 1.25”.  Kore Classic Fashion belts are not gun belts, and are not designed to carry a firearm.