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Trakline Belt - Superior Men's Ratchet Belt Design

Trakline Belt - Superior Men's Ratchet Belt Design
From time to time we get asked by customers and product reviewers...

How does Kore Essentials have multiple patents on their ratchet style buckles, and the others have none ?

Short answer - because we took the time to design a buckle that's aesthetically, mechanically and functionally superior. 

The longer answer.  Since our inception in 2013 we've spent a lot of time, energy and money (engineering, prototyping, testing) to make superior products that exceed our customers expectations. While most of our competitors in this space (Mission belt, Slidebelt) merely import inferior ratchet buckle with an antiquated magnetic mechanism that sticks & breaks easily. We set out to create a better more durable ratchet buckle. The result is our patented, spring-loaded Trakline ratchet buckle. It’s never sticks, lasts longer and we think, looks better (more styles) than any other.

With this in mind, we believe in zealously protecting those things we design and innovate thru the use of patents. Currently, we have a total of 4 issued patents to Kore Essentials Inc. The first of these is a utility patent that protects the function of our spring-loaded, belt buckle mechanism. The three others are design patents to cover our unique buckle styles.

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In addition, we have two pending utility patents that were both filed approximately 2 years ago. These include a patent for a reinforced, ratchet style gun belt designed to support a personal firearm, AND, a patent for our clever belt hanger that allows you to hang a ratchet belt on a retail rack, or on your closet rod at home. Once these patents are issued, we will be pursuing legal action against any and all entities infringing on our protected claims.

We also hold a registered trademark for the name Trakline belts that was issued in 2014 thru the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

Our patents and trademarks matters are handled exclusively by Coastal Patent Law Group, P.C., located in Carlsbad, California. Any questions about our patents or trademarks can be directed to them. 

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