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Best Gun Belts for Concealed Carry & Range for 2019

Best Gun Belts for Concealed Carry & Range for 2019

Looking for the Ultimate Gun Belt  for every day concealed carry (EDC), or the range ?  A belt that's perfect for IWB, OWB, or even Appendix carry ?

The fact is, you need a belt that’s sturdy and tough enough to hold a loaded, holstered firearm, PLUS an extra mag or two.  But you don't want something so tactical or thick - that it gives you away or that's too stiff to wear all day?  Unless of course you're just looking for a range belt. 

I know when I first starting carrying I didn't even know there was such a thing as a "gun belt". So I used my regular, old fashion belt. It seemed fine at first, but after just 3 months or so, it started to sag under the weight. Eventually I ruined it. Then I happened to see a youtube video on gun belts and immediately knew I wanted to try one. It was a game changer. The added support, stiffness and strength made a huge difference.    

IWB gun carry with Kore gun belts for men

We've gone thru the 3 highest rated gun belts and profiled them using several important factors that make difference between a good gun belt and a great gun belt. To do so, we wore them for CCW, at the range, around town and for competitions. 

Here's what we found overall - 

Overall Best:  Kore's X Series gun belts with the perfect fitting track system, poly-core center for strength and all for under $60. 
Link to - 

Traditional Best:  Daltech Bull Belts are well-made, thick gun belt especially great for the range, or where a lot of gear is used. 

No-Frills: CrossBreed Classic if budget is a concern and you prefer simplicity, then this belt could be your best option.

The belts were chosen based on experience with the brands, overall customer reviews and their price points. So let's dig in.  

Kore Gun Belts 

Kore Gun belt for concealed carry, track belt for precise fit

This relative newcomer to the concealed gun belt market, Kore Gun Belts use a unique technology seems to be winning over a lot of EDC folks. The unique thing with Kore gun belts is that they do NOT use belt holes to adjust with. Instead a hidden nylon track, sewn into the back of the belt, offers 40 plus notches (spaced 1/4 inch apart) and lets the user adjust the belt in small increments for a precise fit. Think of zip tie made with nice leather or tactical nylon webbing. You really have to wear one for a day, to truly appreciate how precise and comfortable the fit is. I thought it was best fitting gun belt I've ever worn. When I drew my gun at the range using it - it came out smoother and faster than ever, with less effort.  It's because the belt was perfectly snug to my waist, so the belt doesn't rise up when you draw. I found it didn't need to be as thick as my previous, traditional gun belts and therefore it's more comfortable. 

Kore tactical gun belts. Nylon webbing gun belts for the range or every day concealed carry
On the negative side, the Kore belt is designed for a small to medium sized pistol and one extra mag. It's an 'around town edc belt", as it says on their site. It's not thick and stiff enough for larger firearms, lots of gear or more intense situations. They do have a tactical nylon web version, however, that's advertised as twice as stiff. I will try that next. 

The belts arrive in one long length, with instructions on how to trim to fit. It's easy and they retail for just under $60.  

Daltech Bull Belt 

Daltech bull belts concealed carry gun belts for edc and ccw

When it comes to traditional gun belts, the Daltech Bull Belt was the thickest of all - up to 50% thicker than most. I have no doubt it'll stand up to years of daily use and abuse.

I wore it for a week and it was so thick, it felt like I had a hula hoop around my waist. But the feeling went away as I got used to it.  The leather is nice and stitching is also very, very strong looking.  And it didn't necessarily look like a gun belt.

On the down side, it’s probably not the best gun belt for those simply carrying CCW and a mag.  But if you’re looking at a 3-gun competition and need a belt to hold a loaded pistol, rifle mags, pistol mags, AND shotgun shells…this is your belt of choice. 

If you’re looking for the tough, time-tested belt, to carry a lot of gear or if you’re really ROUGH on your kit…try the Bull Belt.  

Crossbreed Gun Belts  

Crossbreed leather gun belt for concealed carry and edc.

I ended up getting the Executive with a standard buckle and the Crossover models. 

The leather was great, as was the stitching. It’s less thick than the Daltech so it didn’t feel like I was wearing something super sturdy around my waist, but thick enough.  I went with 2″ above my normal pants size and that worked well. 

Pricing is a little higher ($75), especially the Crossover ($90)…but you’re paying for a more finished, refined look.

For the first few days I wore them, both belts make a creaking sounds. It settled down after a few days, but it made me feel a bit self conscious and like I was drawing attention to myself. But once the belts were broken in a little this stopped. 

Overall they proved to be nice, traditional gun belt. I did notice with the Crossover that if I moved a lot the buckle did sometimes slip and I had to readjust the belt.

Gun belts for every day carry and range shooting. Concealed carry pistol belts and holster belts

Conclusion & More Information 

There you have it…my review of some of the best concealed carry belts on the market for 2018.  I also highly recommend watching a few reviews on YouTube where you can see a lot of gun belts in action and up close. And of course check these blog posts on the topic. Here's a few I liked to get you started. 

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And of course you can always check out these other well-known, tried and true gun belts manufacturers.  

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Thanks for reading ! 



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