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When most of us hear the words "bounty hunter", we normally think about movies where the bad guy is being hunted all across the world by a renowned bounty hunter who stops at nothing for a paycheck. Regardless of what pops in your mind when you hear the word, you have to respect a bounty hunter. They hunt criminals, show no mercy, and have sick braids (wait that’s just Dog). 



Tobin has the best Wikipedia page. It describes him as “American adventurer, tracker, trapper, mountain man, guide, US Army scout, and occasional bounty hunter.” Occasional bounty hunter?! How do you occasionally hunt the worst humans on the planet? Did he go back to being a guide afterwards? No one asked him where he was? They must have respected him after he showed up with Felipe Espinosa’s head in a literal bag. You don’t mess with someone who cuts off heads.



The first of the Dog crew. Leland grew up a troubled youth, getting arrested and joining gangs around his hometown. He eventually fell in with the old family business though; hunting horrible human beings. Chapman saw some trouble though, getting arrested in Mexico after capturing a serial rapist down there. Charges were dropped eventually, and Leland eventually dropped Dog as well to move back to Hawaii and keep up with the bail bond business. He’s a man who knows what he wants.



David Schultz was a double bad ass. Schultz was a professional wrestler turned bounty hunter. I don’t think any criminal knew what hit him when David threw them off the ropes before body dropping them and throwing them in handcuffs at the same time. You may also know Schultz for something else. Slapping the crap out of John Stossel. Probably not his best choice, but definitely an entertaining one.



Duncan was a good Texas boy, who worked for the Dallas police and eventually became a sheriff where he captured criminals on the daily. However, that wasn’t cutting it for Duncan. He hung his hat up from law enforcement and took matters into his own hands. While he may have been motivated by money (“cash rules everything around me” was a quote by Duncan first), that didn’t stop him from getting into some trouble. Duncan got shot by a prostitute and while he said he was there for work reasons, many suspected otherwise. Sounds like Duncan may have been shooting something else.



What is up with professional wrestlers becoming bounty hunters after they hang up the tights? Apparently, he was well known in the wrestling world for carrying a police baton, which seems illegal to me in a wrestling match, would absolutely come in handy when trying to arrest some very bad guys. Blackman also beat up malaria which seems much more dangerous than any kind of criminal he would encounter.



Alright, second Dog the Bounty Hunter crew member. Will it be the last? Probably not. Beth may be known as Dog’s wife, but that didn’t stop her from doing her own bounty hunting. Beth also was never afraid to get physical, throwing criminals around like rag dolls and then sneaking in a couple shots here and there. She also beat throat cancer in 2017 which seems like the hardest criminal to contain. Congrats Beth, criminals and cancer can’t handle you.



Domino wasn’t chose by the bounty hunter life like a lot of our list, she chose the bounty life herself. Domino came from an affluent, English background, was once a model, and then started collecting swords and AK-47s which she used as a bounty hunter. This woman sounds fake. There was even a movie made after her, “Domino”, where she was portrayed by Kiera Knightly. Something tells me Harvey was a little more tough though.



Never mess with a bounty hunter wearing a cowboy hat. That should be common knowledge. Leonard was a well-known bounty hunter, appearing on the National Geographic television show and CNN regularly. Leonard also ran for governor of California, which strangely enough isn’t even the weirdest gubernatorial candidate in California history. He lost though and then lost to the law himself, being arrested on tax evasion. I guess he didn’t learn how to run from the law even in his time chasing people running from the law. That’s irony.



No, not the Mickey Free who contributed guitar playing to Beverly Hills Cops soundtrack. This Mickey went through a lot of tough times, none involving being a mouse for the Disney company. He got captured by Native Americans and was held captive for years before finally making his escape. He then became a scout for the U.S. Army, knowing the Native American paths and trails well after, you know, being kidnapped by them. He dabbled in bounty hunting after that, mainly to make $15,000 off one bounty which back then has to be enough to retire on. Mickey didn’t retire though, he continued hunting those bounties.



Did you think I was going to deny you the Dog you wanted? Absolutely not. This is the man you know from all his great television success, but behind all that he’s actually a good bounty hunter. Remember that rapist that fled to Mexico earlier? Dog went to federal prison in the early 2000’s for catching him even though it’s illegal to do bounty hunting down there. He was leading the pack you could say. Dog even wrote an autobiography, which is astounding, because I don’t think any of us knew Dog could read (please don’t kill me Mr. Dog).

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