July 20, 2018


Here’s our list of the Top 10 Tough AF Soldiers throughout history and they’ll make Private Ryan look like Dory from Finding Nemo. These guys don’t just eat nails for breakfast, they wash them down with a cold glass of cement.  


Jack Churchill didn’t murder some Nazis with a gun or a bayonet like the rest of his buddies were doing. No, Churchill instead used a sword and a bow and arrow, like some knight who accidentally walked into a time machine. He didn’t just kill one or two either, Jack took on entire camps of Germans, yelling “Commando” and charging forward with a Clay more.



Ok, we all know this guy but that doesn’t take away from how bad-ass he was. This dude had more than 150 confirmed sniper kills during his time in the Navy, verified by the Pentagon. I can’t even do that in Call of Duty.



Simo may actually be a movie star that somehow ended up in real life. He’s credited with killing 542 men with just his rifle. Then, he finally got shot in the face and was presumed dead, until one week later he rose from his coma like God himself. An absolute monster.



Flamma, which means “The Flame, was a gladiator who managed to fight 35 battles before he died at just 30 years old. That’s not the coolest part though. Flamma was offered to be freed of slavery and to never have to fight four separate times and always turned it down so he could kick more ass.



Keeping up with the historic theme here, let’s go with one of the most notoriously tough guys we’ve ever seen. Some people credit this guy to killing… FORTY MILLION PEOPLE. Some people say he brought down 11% of the world’s population.



Unlike the last guy, York wasn’t too much into the killing game… OK he did kill around 20 people but that’s not the point. This dude was so tough he captured 90 Germans and then another 42 while escorting the original Germans back. Killing is one thing, but capturing over 100 prisoners, now that’s tough.



Carlos “Gunny” Hathcock was one tough dude. He got somewhere between 300 and 400 kills attributed to him in Vietnam. And he earned himself a $30,000 bounty by the Vietnamese army for being too dangerous. Reportedly, he managed to take out an enemy sniper by shooting him THROUGH his own scope. How do you even do that?



This dude pulled some Rambo level action to protect his friend, which is truly an ultimate soldier move. When his friend came under fire in the Argonne Forest, Johnson held the men off as long as he could with grenades and rife fire. Then when he ran out, he did the obvious thing and hunted each of the remaining enemies with a knife. Oh wait, that’s not the obvious thing to do? Sgt. Henry Johnson would like to have a word with you.



Yadav may be a robot, we’re not sure. This man was shot repeatedly, then charged at the bunkers shooting him and tore them down one by one. There’s no way this man isn’t a machine.



Fitzmaurice was just hanging out with some friends in a bunker in Vietnam one day, when a Vietnamese soldier rushed them, threw three grenades in, and then bailed. So, Fitzmaurice did what any man would do, and tossed two grenades out before laying down on the last one to sacrifice himself in order to save everyone else. Except Fitzmaurice survived. Tom Cruise would never have done that.


Normally to conclude these lists, there’s an “Honorable Mentions” portion to wrap a nice bow on the whole article. After I wrote the “Honorable Mentions” part however, the ghosts of the men above collectively beat the crap out of every single one on that list. They really were tough as nails. 

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