Q: What is your RETURN policy ?
A: We offer a FULL 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee on all our products, as long as the items are returned in original condition.

Q: What kind of WARRANTY do your products have ?

A: All Kore products carry a 1-Year Warranty against defects, unusual wear or breakage under normal usage. That means if you're using the product under relatively "normal" circumstances and it breaks, you can ship it back to us and we will replace it with an exact model, or if that model is no longer available, a similar model.

Q: What makes Trakline belts better than other ratchet style belts ?
1. Trakline belts are made using the highest quality materials and optimized engineering.
2. We confidently offer a 1-Year warranty on all Kore products covering defects, unusual wear and breakage.
3. Buckles are constructed of either solid stainless steel, or a high-metal zinc alloys. Other companies that say their buckles are "stainless steel" are just coated, not solid stainless. 
4. Trakline black and brown classic belts are double-stitched and made using full-grain leather. Full-grain is cut from the outermost part of the cowhide and the highest quality available. The XL sizes (54"), other colors, smooth style and gun belts use genuine, 2nd layer leather to achieve the length. Most competitors use bonded leather - leather scraps and pieces glued together.
5. Our track is virtually indestructible and 10" long with over 40+ sizing positions. This makes our belts 130% more adjustable vs other track style belts (7"). 
6. Our Trakline buckle mechanism was designed by us, in our California studios, using a simple spring-loaded caliper, that's highly reliable and sleek. Other buckles use a bulky, flimsy magnet system that was designed over a decade ago in Asia. That's why they don't show you the back of the buckle.
7. Our technology and designs have 4 issued patents.  Additionally, 'Trakline belts' is a registered trademark.

Q:  Are the Fashion belts and Gun belts interchangeable ?
A:  No.  Our reinforced gun belts are wider (1.5") and thicker (polycore interior) than our fashion belts and will not fit into the fashion buckles. Additionally, fashion belts are not designed to support the weight of a firearm or gear.

Q:  What is the difference between your Fashion belts and Gun belts ?
A:  Our Gun belts are specifically designed to support the weight of light to medium sized firearm up to 4lbs. total. To do this, our genuine leather gun belts use a reinforced, polyurethane core that's makes them stiffer and sturdier than our fashion belts. Subsequently, the gun buckles are beefier and larger in size. For these reasons, our fashion belts and gun belts are NOT interchangeable.

Q:  What is the difference between the gun buckle models ?
A:  Just the style of the buckle face. Everything else, including the mechanism, is identical.

Q:  What is the difference between the fashion buckles ?
A:  The style of the buckle face and materials (stainless steel or alloy). Everything else is identical.

Q:  What do I do if I have a PROBLEM with my order, the product, delivery, want to make a suggestion, or anything else ?
A: Just email your order number and question to and allow us 1-2 business days to get back to you.  

Q:  How LONG are the leather belts ?
A: All of our standard and slim belts arrive at 52" (132 cm) long and will fit all waist sizes from 24" up to 44" (XL up to 54"). Some trimming is usually required with household scissors to get the belt to your "size zone".  Then the 10" track gives you 5" to adjust in either direction. The extra leather allows you to pass the belt tip thru the buckle and into the first belt loop.

Q: How do I TRIM my belt to fit my waist perfectly ?  Is it easy ?
A: Yes, it's easy and fast. First, attach the cut end of the belt (opposite of the track) into the buckle receptacle with the teeth and clamp down. Next, thread your belt thru your pant loops (left to right) with the release tab positioned UNDER the buckle. The belt should "click" through the buckle until it locks at your precise waist size. Tuck the belt tip thru the first belt loop and determine exactly how many inches (or cm) of excess leather you wish to trim off - if any.  If you're a 42"-44" you may not want to trim off any.  Once you've determined how much to trim, remove the belt from your waist and then from the buckle receptacle. Using a sharp pair of scissors, and trim marks printed on the back of the belt, cut off the excess leather from the end opposite the track.  Re-insert the belt into the buckle clamp and repeat. That's it... enjoy.

Belt sizes are typically 3"-4" larger than your pant size, but not always - so PLEASE TRY ON YOUR BELT BEFORE CUTTING.  If you're unsure - trim off less than you think.  We DO NOT GIVE FULL REFUNDS or REPLACEMENTS for belts that have been cut too short.

Q: What are the BUCKLES MADE OF ?
A: Our stainless steel buckles are hand-pressed, 16 gauge, solid stainless steel. The alloy buckles are made with a high-metal content zinc alloy. All our buckles contain small amounts of nickel.  

Q: What are the BELTS MADE OF ?
A: Our classic fashion belts (black & brown) are double-stitched, full-grain leather. Full-grain is the strongest, most durable, highest grade of leather available. That means your belt is cut from the top layer of the cowhide. Put simply - it's the best. Rather than wear out, over time, full-grain leather will actually look better, developing a patina and contouring to your personal waist shape. Additionally, since the grain is so tight, it resists moisture very well. The XL size belts (up to 54"), alternate colors, gun, and smooth belts are constructed using a 1 piece, 2nd layer leather. This is due to length, dying techniques and construction methods.

Q: How wide are the standard classic belts ?
A: Classic leather fashion belts are 1.4" (3.5 cm) wide.

Q: How wide are the smooth style belts (no stitching) ?
A: Smooth leather fashion belts are 1.4" (3.5 cm) wide.

Q: How wide are the slim belts ?
A: Slim leather belts are 1.1" (2.9 cm) wide.

Q: How wide are the gun belts ?
A: Reinforced gun belts are 1.5" (3.7 cm) wide.

Q: Are the buckles & belts interchangeable ?
A: Yes, as long as the buckle and belt are the same style. Standard fashion buckles and belts (3.5 cm) are interchangeable. So are the slim buckles and belts (2.9 cm) widths. But you can NOT interchange  standard belt (3.5 cm) with slim buckles (2.9 cm) or gun belts.

Q: I can't seem to open/close the buckle receptacle (end where belt attaches) on my buckle. What should I do ?
A:  The receptacles can be a little hard to open and close initially, but gets easier with time. To close, or clamp the belt into the receptacle, try a pair of pliers. Just be sure to cover the buckle with a cloth to avoid scratching.

Q: I scratched my solid stainless steel buckle, is there anything I can do ?
A: Yes, use a fine piece of micro cloth with soap and water and rub the area gently. That should do the trick.

Q: Do your buckles contain nickel?

A: Yes, all of our buckles (stainless steel and alloy) contain small amounts of nickel. 

Q: Are your buckles and accessories really Patented ?
A: Yes, we have numerous utility and design patents registered with the USPTO. This is because we designed our unique buckles, belts and accessories in our California studios.

Q: Where are your products designed and made ?
A:  All of our products are designed and prototyped at our studios in San Diego, California, USA and then manufactured in China. Using this process we're able to save a substantial amount of money and pass that savings on to customers. As Americans, we would prefer to make our belts in the USA, but unfortunately it would cost an estimated 2-3 times as much to do so. We understand there are those who would pay more if it were 'Made in the USA' - but most of our clients appreciate the lower prices.  

© 2017 KORE ESSENTIALS INC. Trakline Belt is a registered U.S. Trademark.  Trakline buckles and unique accessories are Patented.