Hands down KORE makes the Best-Fitting, Most Comfortable belt you'll ever wear. Why?  Kore ratchet belts have 40 micro spaced positions to adjust with, so you can move your belt size 1/4 inch at a time. The Result = you get a perfect fit every time you slide it around your waist.  

Best ratchet belts for men by kore essentials.

#2  ALL OUT ADJUSTABLE-NESS.  Wearing a Kore ratchet belt means you can secretly adjust your belt on the fly (pun intended) while you walk, eat, drink, even sleep (you won’t want to take it off), without anyone suspecting a thing. How is that possible? Just pinch the small tab under the buckle and click the belt - in or out - 1/4 inch at a time. It’s a mini miracle of men’s fashion. If that wasn't enough, you don't even need to undo your belt to use the restroom. And when you do finally take it off, it releases entirely in under 2 seconds.  

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#3  WEAR A DIFFERENT BELT EVERY DAY.  We did the algorithm and because our ratchet buckles and belts are so interchangeable, there's over 1 gazillion unique combinations to choose from. Ok, so that might be a slight exaggeration, but we do have over a dozen unique buckle styles and belt colors that can interchange, honest. Swap away.  


#4  ONE SIZE FITS MAN.  Some of our customers have been known to tell anyone that will listen, “Want to see the 10 inch track in my trousers”. And although that’s technically true – the track really is 10 inches long – use “pants”, “trousers” makes you sound dated. But seriously our 10 inch track belts snug and lock precisely to any waist from 24 inches up to 44 inches (XL to 54 inches). We ship our belts in one length – very, very long. When you get the belt just add 4 inches to your pant size, and cut using household sharp scissors and the ruler marks printed on the back of the belt. So it your pants are a 36 – you cut at 40 inches. And if you’re gifting a belt, you don't need to know the size. One less awkward question to ask. 

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#5  HARDKORE QUALITY & DURABILITY.  We staked our company on this tenant, so we’re pretty serious about this. Kore leather track belts are only available in either Full or Top Grain leathers. The two very best grades of leather. And for vegans or casual attire we offer our cool nylon web style track belts. And our ratchet buckles are available in alloy, stainless steel or titanium, one of the strongest, lightest alloy known to man.   


#6  CARRY A GUN?  In addition to men's fashion belts that look great and hold up your pants – we also make the industry's best damn gun belts for edc (that’s every day carry) and the range. Kore Gun belts are 1.5 inch wide with our reinforced, proprietary Power-Core Center. The core is super sturdy to support a sidearm, yet flexible enough to move in all day. And best of all they don’t look like gun belts. No sag or slag.  

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#7  OUR PATENTED DESIGN.  Kore ratchet belts are designed in our California studios (aka warehouse with offices). We have patents on our spring-loaded buckle mechanism, gun belts, and magnetic sunglasses. We do more than stick the Kore logo on pre-made, existing goods like some others we know. Instead we design for innovation.  


#8  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  We offer a real 30 Day money back guarantee. So if you don't like it – just ship it back and we'll give you back your dough. 


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#9  REAL WARRANTY.  You’ll love our super, deluxe 1 year warranty against defects, breakage and even premature wear and tear. And we don’t cut the warranty off to the day. Occasionally someone asks why we don’t have a lifetime warranty. And we ask, “Are you still wearing that old leather belt you had in junior high? I didn’t think so.  


#10  USA SMALL BUSINESS.  We're just a small group of folks (mostly guys) that settled in San Diego, California for the weather. We spend most days indoors, designing, marketing, shipping, answering questions, and taking out the trash. So if you need anything or have something to tell us - we're here for you.  


If you’re in the market for a candy apple red ratchet belt, tangerine dream track belt, mellow yellow no-holes belt, faux leather belt, or need a women’s or kids belt – Kore Essentials is NOT is not the place for you. You might want to go elsewhere.

And for those of you that don't know how a track belt, ratchet belt, no-holes belt or automatic belt works - watch this demo video >> https://youtu.be/vSZ198QSMaw 

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