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Kore Spotlight Series: Mr Guns N Gear

Kore Spotlight Series: Mr Guns N Gear

Introducing Kore Spotlight Series

Name: Mr Guns N Gear
Location: Carolina
Profession: Firearms & Gear Reviewer

What's your go-to shooting spot?

The spot I enjoy the most is Rockcastle Shooting Center up in Kentucky. For those that haven't been there it's really, really cool. You can shoot in a cave, for example. They have a really cool 1500 meter range as well. They actually use the facility to test new rifles out. There are long range precision rifles but it's just a really cool facility that has stuff that you just can't do a lot of other places. 

Your go-to knife? 

Zero Tolerance - their standard one. It's like $120 but they're very very common. 

Sig or Glock? 

Haha. Glock! Sigs are good but I tend to like Glocks... it's the first gun I ever shot. For me, the weird Glock angle wasn't that weird.

What prompted you to start a YouTube channel?

I've talked about this a ton on my channel but quick overview - my wife, when we were first dating, got a gun and it was a Glock19 and it simply would not work. Sent it back and they said it was good to go and then I was upset because they sent back a gun that wouldn't work. Essentially went out and she was holding the camera and we filmed the video showing that it didn't work. I uploaded it to YouTube because I wanted it to actually be posted on Glock Talk which is a forum. That was the only reason I even uploaded it to YouTube! So that I could put it in the forum and that video just went viral, it went crazy and that's kind of how it all started. 

What is your EDC pocket dump?

Well today, I'm on the road. I have a microphone in this pocket. I have a beanie because I'm in Illinois in the winter and it's cold as can be. I have - in this pocket- Streamlight, this is a micro USB rechargeable Stylus Pro. And then cellphone here, iPhone11 Pro. And then to not be flagging anybody else, EP right now cause I'm on the road, it's just very easy to conceal wherever I am but that gun does change. Check out my YouTube channel, I have a video on what I carry and there's a few different guns that go in that role. That's really the smallest one I'll ever leave the house with. 

What is your pet peeve at the gun range?

Pet peeve at the gun range is guys or gals with huge egos who put down the new folks who are making mistakes, instead of trying to help them. They end up just alienating them from our community. So people who aren't welcoming to new folks for sure.

What is your advice for a beginner at the range?

Try to seek out someone who you think is knowledgeable. Sometimes that person will not be that knowledgeable and that happens right? But learning from those who have already learned, essentially, is probably the way to go. There's a lot of classes out there now in 2020 and things have really changed. There are classes out there designed for new shooters so it's not intimidating. Just soak up as much as you can because there's a lot to learn. That said, the basics can be learned pretty quickly so again don't be intimidated by it.  

What are your thoughts on prepping?

So I've touched on this a little bit on my channel but it depends on how you define prepping right? If you're talking about full bore digging a bunker and stuff like that, by all means if you want to, have at it. In no way would I ever say someone could be over-prepared, but I think most people are under-prepared. Where I live in Carolina, there was a hurricane and shut down I-95 for like 2 weeks a couple years ago. There was a food shortage you know, modern day. People were freaking out about it and that was just 2 weeks. Again, you could drive 30 minutes and find food, it wasn't a big deal with some spots. So having some sort of preparations for those sorts of things which absolutely happened from time to time.  So I think it's foolish to not have any sort of prepping done, but how far you want to take it is up to you.

What is your go to hunting rifle? 

It's probably a little different than most folks as I very rarely go hunting with the intent of going hunting. That said, I shoot animals relatively frequently because the field where I shoot in, we just got hogs in there a couple years ago. They're migrating everywhere across America and expanding their territory so for me it tends to be the rifle that's zeroed at the time. But typically I would say, more often than not, when I engage them it's typically an AR10 because I almost always have one on the range. Lately it's been the Palmetto State Armory P8N Gen 3 - whatever their newest one is. If I don't have that, with the hogs where I am, they're not that big so really any AR15 with M193 will drop some reasonably and reliably. 

What is something most people don't know about you?

Ha! I posted a few videos on Instagram - it's that I'm a pretty good dancer. Like for real. You know I was into dance as a child and then into college as well, so yeah, I can pop & lock if you will like Turbo & Ozone.

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