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Top 10 Gifts for Men 2022


Looking for a cool gift he'll use everyday. Buying a gift for a guy doesn't have to be rocket science. There are a variety of unique new products and gadgets out there that any guy would take over that nice Tie or pair of funky socks grandma got him last year. Have a look at some cool gifts that any guy would want to have this year.


 Cuts shirts for men

CUTS Clothing Shirts 

Finding a legit shirt can be tough. Say goodbye to that racket. Cuts Clothing has some of the best fitting, softest, stylish shirts this side of the sun. Sure they are more than those janky Hanes T-Shirts you’ve been wearing, but you will be happy to shell out the extra cash for these bad boys. Oh and sorry to those who wear shirts with sayings on them. Those need to go.



 Therangu mini

Theragun Mini 

Is it us or has everyone been working on exercising more? If you put on the extra COVID-19’s (lbs) you will want to start working that weight off. A Theragun Mini is a small, quiet, and effective percussive massager to help loosen those muscles after you hit the gym. Recovery is just as vital as the workout itself.



Base station wireless 

Base Station Wireless Charging Hub 

You have a phone. You need to charge it. Thus comes in this handy charging dock. Nomad’s charging dock does just what it says it will. This dock is spacious enough for an Apple Watch, wireless earbuds, and a phone, so there is no need to rent out another charger for the summer. Oh, and with a leather covering it’s pretty sleek which doesn't hurt. 



Norlan whiskey  

Norlan Whiskey Glass Set 

This 2 glass set was Inspired by nature, digitally crafted, and meticulously refined with master distiller Jim McEwan. Designed to capture whisky's complex flavors and aromatics and deliver them to the senses like never before. Straight up baller status with this glass set. 



Accelerator Pro Putting Green  

Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green 

You’re stuck indoors and can't hit the short game. Bring the game to you- literally your home, office, or makeshift fort in the yard. Oh and don’t worry about making a shot...the automatic ball return will kick it back to you once you sink that beautiful putt. 



 Koda Pizza Oven

Koda Outdoor Pizza Oven 

Ooni brings the heat with the best outdoor pizza oven on the market. Men love pizza and whether you wood-fire or gas light this bad boy, you can get piping hot pizza in your yard in under 15 min. Temps reaching up to 950 degrees- this little Koda aint messin’ around. 



 Kore Essentials belts and gear

KORE Anything 

Shameless plug- we know. But in our defense you are reading a post on our website. The lineup of KORE products is getting more and more robust- and more and more epic for any guy out there. Sunglasses? We got em. New Belt? Look no further. Sleek wallet? Sure add that to the cart. No matter the style we have something to get your EDC game on lock.

$29 - $99


 yeti coolers 


Really YETI-anything will make a great gift. Coffee tumbler, beer koozie, rolling ice-chest, whatever you want to stay hot or cool- YETI line can help. Now, they can’t keep the fire in your loins burning but they sure can keep your drinks cold or hot enough for the night ahead.

 Price Varies


BRAUN All-In One Trimmer 

BRAUN All-In One Trimmer 

You rock a beard- or you don’t. You like long sideburns- or you don’t. You trim up the netherregions for your girl- or you don’t. Whatever you do or don’t do, Braun helps you keep that look locked in. With their all in one trimmer lineup you can keep things as long or as shirt as you want. Oh, want to change it up? Go for it- Braun can help any grooming mix up you throw it’s way.


 Leatherman Multi Tool

Leatherman Multi-tool 

The Leatherman Wave Multitool is a must have for any man. The best selling multi tool ever now comes with a replaceable wire cutter made in a premium material. Use for the home, hunting, EDC, garage, or to pull a needle out of a haystack- this 18 point tool will help you get any job done. 





Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity (or any board game) 

Look 2020 flat out was one for the books. Board games sales went through the roof and one of those was the infamous Cards Against Humanity. This party game is for “horrible people” according to the makers of this game. Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends. Give it a go at your next “stay at home party.” Oh, not feeling like insulting your friends- pick any board game than and addd it to the must have list of gifts. 


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