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A Kickstarter Success Story: KORE Essentials Track Belts

A Kickstarter Success Story:  KORE Essentials Track Belts


Re-thinking the belt

The traditional man’s belt is categorised as a strip of leather, containing holes spaced roughly an inch apart, fastened by a buckle, right? Wrong. Kore has taken it upon themselves re-think the design and give every man an accessory they never even knew they needed. Sewn into the back of the real leather belt, the track belt system replaces traditional holes and provides the wearer with over 40 1/4 inch notches that allow small, comfortable adjustments.  Shop Kore Trakline belts at



The buckle uses a patented spring mechanism to engage the track, effectively allowing men to zip the belt back and forth with an amazing fit. It’s a simple innovation that makes a huge improvement. Like I said, you never knew you needed this belt until you put one on for the first time. Shop Kore Trakline belts at


 Shop the range of styles here: Trakline belts

Men’s slim wallets

Not only did Kore come up with a brilliant belt concept, they’ve also developed a range of feature-filled, sleek mens wallets which I have to admit I’m also impressed by. Both the slim wallet with money clip and the bi-fold design feature full-grain black leather, RFID blocking technology to protect credit and debit cards and stylish design.



Most notably I’ve enjoyed saying goodbye to fumbling around for my cards thanks to the ‘smart tabs’ which are incredibly functional alongside the handy detachable money clip. Kore have really covered all the bases with these designs, I would certainly recommend getting your hands on them!  Buy a Men's Slim Wallet or Bi-Fold Wallet at Kore Essentials -



Re-posted with permission from The Debonair

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