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5 Tips to Pick Your EDC Gun Belt

5 Tips to Pick Your EDC Gun Belt

 Trakline EDC Gun Belts by Kore Essentials.  The perfect concealed carry holster belt for firearm use. Besides the holster, picking a quality Gun Belt is one of the most overlooked aspects of concealed carry. I hardly ever see people wearing a quality gun belt, or rocking a quality holster, but that’s not surprising as most people never train to know what they really need anyway. A quality gun belt goes a long way in getting clean consistent draws.

There’s a ton of options for belts out there, but I’ve come to grow pretty fond of our Alliance Partners over at KORE Essentials. They are making some superb quality concealed carry belts that are secure and strong enough for every day usage, and yet comfortable too. They also have a sleek RFID Blocking Wallet. They make fashion belts and gun belts that use a unique Trakline ratcheting style adjustment system and their buckles and straps work interchangeably so you can get the look you desire.

Kore Trakline Gun Belt for Concealed Carry. This EDC holster belt offers a ratchet track system to give a perfect fit.

There’s some things everyone should consider when it comes to picking a gun belt. I’ve went ahead and broke it down into 5 elements.


Step 1 – Rigidity 

Traditional belts don’t work as gun belts because they are too flimsy. A gun belt needs to be rigid if you want to carry effectively. Flimsy belts can’t hold the weight of a firearm well. So having a thicker rigid belt will lead to more consistent draws of your firearm, and it will add comfort because it won’t sag or struggle holding the weapon up. Thicker leather belts certainly work better, but nothing really beats the reinforced poly-core (polyurethane and nylon blend) that you get with KORE Essentials.

You can go with their nylon webbing tactical belts too. That’s always an option. The important thing to look for in nylon is if it’s double layered because single layer nylon belts are still too flimsy.  The Kore versions has a strong, rigid poly-core as well, that makes it great. 

Step 2 – Adjustability

The biggest selling point for me on KORE Essentials is for sure the Trakline system they use. Compared to traditional eyelet style belts, you get around 400% more adjustability with this type of belt. It gives you 1/4 inch adjustments so you can really dial that retention in to get it perfect for your body. Which is really important when it comes to concealed carrying.

Besides that aspect it’s obviously a lot more visually appealing compared to traditional belts too. The Trakline is hidden on the backside of the belt and there’s no holes so you end up with a super clean looking belt.

Step 3 – Comfort

A no brainer here, but a lot of people who can carry often don’t due to discomfort. The first thing is that you need to understand there’s always going to be a slight element of discomfort when adding anything additional to your EDC. Especially a firearm. You can mitigate it by carrying the right way with the right gear, but regardless of how you carry it or the gear you use, it’s always going to have an element of discomfort.

What you should focus on however, is the mental comfort you feel from knowing you’re able to protect yourself and those around you. It justifies physical discomfort. So when it comes to picking a gun belt, comfort is important as it often greatly affects whether you choose to carry or not. Holster choice also plays a huge comfort factor. 

The Kore Essentials belt is a ratchet or track belt and uses a hidden track with over 40 - teeth that allow you to adjust the belt in small 1/4" increments. This translates to a perfect fit that hugs the holster and firearm to your waist.  It feels great and allows you to adjust this belt throughout the day as you work,walk, eat, etc. 

Step 4 – Quality Materials

When you go for cheap, you end up with sub-par quality. It’s just how the cookie crumbles, Bruce. To get cheap companies have to use cheap material and when it comes to gun belts and gear that supports my life I don’t want to skimp. So pick a gun belt that uses quality leathers, nylon, and hardware. You get just that with KORE Essentials.

Step 5 – Versatility

Another thing I like about KORE Gun Belts is that they are able to be worn with casual clothes and business clothes. The Gun Belt I review in this video is obviously designed more for business attire but works decent for casual wear too. However, they also have a brand new belt called the Ultimate belt, which is a nylon option that’s even more robust.

So they have options for whatever you need.

Kore X3 EDC Gun Belt for Men.  Ratchet style track belt for a perfect fit.


Heavy-duty, high-grade zinc alloy (contain nickel) with a gunmetal finish (4.3 x 6 cm). Various ratchet buckle styles to choose, but the mechanism and function is identical. Interchangeable with our other gun buckles and belts (Not fashion buckles or belts). Underside of the buckle can be used to open bottle tops. Or pop the buckle off, leave the leather on, and pass thru TSA airport security quickly and easily.

Genuine Leather with a Reinforced Poly-Core Center 1.5” wide and 5.5 mm thick – for added support and to prevent roll-over. Designed to support holstered firearms (IWB & OWB), up to a maximum of 4 lbs. total weight. Trakline brand gun belts feature 10” virtually indestructible, hidden track with 40+ size positions. Now you can precisely adjust your EDC gun belt in small 1/4” increments. Not rated as duty belt or tactical belt, but rather the perfect concealed carry belt for work, play, or out on the town. Because no one needs to know you’re carrying.

If you don’t like your new EDC gun belt, you can ship it back to us within 30 days (original condition) and we’ll give you a Full Refund. All Kore products carry a 1-Year Warranty against defects, premature wear and/or breakage. That’s just how we do it.

So guys, I hope this helps you in your gun belt decision. Be sure to go head over to KORE Essentials and pick up some belts or wallets.

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Reposted from Mask Tactical website with permission from author Ian Talbert.


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