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So you heard about these new track belts with no holes
and want to try one on for size - to see if all the hype is true? 
...You came to the right place.

This is a quick comparison of the 3 best known brands on the market.

track belts or ratchet belt comparison. Trakline, Mission belt, and Slide belt with no holes. Which ratchet belt is the best

As you know, most traditional men's belts use holes for sizing. Each hole is typically spaced an inch, or more apart and by inserting the buckle post you secure the belt in position.  But when you consider the fact that your waist is constantly in flux - in and out - as you work, walk, eat sleep and play - an inch is a lot. We've been trained since childhood to find the belt hole and deal with it. We never gave it a second thought - until now... 

Trakline, Mission belt and Slide belt the best ratchet belts on the market for men. Best track belts.

Enter the track belt (aka; ratchet belt, automatic belt, no-holes belt, or hole-less belt) - a belt with a simple track system instead of holes. This new fangled track is sewn into the back of the leather belt and provides the wearer with 30-40 notches to adjust with. These small notches are spaced just 1/4" apart and the buckle (using a spring or magnet mechanism) engages this track to keep the belt in place and allow for small 1/4" adjustments - in or out. Now you can zip your track belt to your precise waist size in seconds and create an amazing fit. The track is almost indestructible. It may sound strange, or tough to envision - but this simple innovation is very liberating. Suddenly your belt fits exactly like it should - perfectly - every time you put it on. 

Every week we get dozens of guys telling us these are the "best-fitting, most comfortable belts they've ever worn".

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But before you jump online (most stores don't carry them) and search google for "Shop track belts", take a minute and checkout this overview of the 3 top track belt brands and see their differences.  


Trakline no holes, automatic, ratchet belts for men are the best fitting belt you will ever own.

Trakline Belts use a 10 inch, hidden track sewn into the back of the leather belt, that provides over 42 adjustment positions to choose from. Mission Belt, Slidebelt and all other ratchet belts generally use a 7.5 inch track with approximately 32 size positions. This makes Trakline Belts about 800% more adjustable than a traditional belt, and 30% more than other track belts.  

Trakline belt buckles use a new spring-loaded, caliber that was designed and patented by Kore Essentials in their California studios. Mission Belt uses a 20 year old magnetic ratchet buckle that is bulky and prone to jamming. See the videos posted on their website about what to do when you get stuck. Slidebelt uses a spring-loaded pull handle that was developed in Asian over a decade ago. 

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Trakline belt buckles for men. No-hole, automatic, ratchet belts that guys love. Track line by Kore Essentials

Trakline ratchet style belt buckles feature over a dozen unique designs (open and closed) to choose from, including various open and solid face buckles in standard, slim and beefier gun styles. Mission Belt and Slidebelt offer only solid face alloy buckles in a variety of finishes. Trakline buckles also feature a handful of true solid stainless steel buckles.

Trakline ratchet belts include a double-stitched, full-grain leather belt in a variety of colors. Smooth (no stitch) belts, XL sizes and gun belts are available in 2nd layer, 1 piece leather. Mission belt uses bonded leather - scraps of leather glued together and plastic coated. Slidebelt offers a variety of leather grades from vegan to bonded, and up to full-grain for a premium price. 

Trakline Belt, Mission Belt and Slidebelts all offer a 1 year replacement warranty and 30 day money back guarantee for returns. 

Trakline belt buckle for men opens beer or soda bottles. Kore Essentials no-hole, ratchet belts for guys.

Trakline belts offer patented, reinforced gun belts and only make belts for men.  Mission belt makes officially licensed sports belts to represent your favorite team. Slidebelt offers survival, women's and children's belts. 

Trakline men's belts retails for $49-$59 depending on the buckle and leather grade. Mission belts is the cheapest price and quality at $34 - $39. Slidebelt pricing varies from $36 up to $85 (survival belt $150). 


Trakline Express belt by Kore Essentials. The best automatic, ratchet track belt for men.

Trakline belts (Kore Essentials) donates a portion of the monthly sales to St. Judes Children's Hospital to help kids and their families battle cancer. Mission belt gives $1 from every belt purchased as a no-interest, micro loan in a foreign country. Approximately 97% of these loans are paid back, then Mission belt can either recoup their money, or reinvest it. Slidebelts does not promote any charity at the time of this blog.

Slidebelts was started in 2009, when the founder came across a track style belt and ratcheting buckle while traveling overseas on his Mormon mission. He later approached his cousin to ask for some advice on the business. The cousin, Nate Holzapfel, decided to copy the business model and started Mission Belt, without the cousins knowledge. Mission belt was launched in 2013 on the ABC show Shark Tank when they struck a deal with Damon Johns, who invested and took 40% of their company. Slidebelts husband and wife team were shocked to see their cousin on TV hawking a belt company modeled after their own.

Trakline belts were successfully launched in 2013 on the popular crowdfunding website - Kickstarter. They became the #1 accessory of All-Time and after 6 belt projects, still are today.  

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