Classic Accessories Every Man Needs

April 02, 2019

Classic Accessories Every Man Needs


It’s easy to overlook accessories or simply write them off as something you don’t want to deal with. It’s a common misconception that accessories are “too much” when in reality the well-designed, well-engineered ones can work to make your life easier and elevate your appearance. We are breaking down six of the classic pieces that every man should have on hand.


1. The Perfect Belt

Belts are something most men use weekly, if not daily, therefore they should be both high quality and well designed. Keep the look of the belt classic so it goes with everything and invest in premium materials that will wear well over time.  Skip the antiquated belt-hole system and upgrade to a one with a hidden track providing you with over 40 sizing points. This is how you guarantee the most comfortable fit every time while integrating classic style and innovative design.


2. A Functional and Stylish Backpack

Your backpack should be doing two things for you: holding all your stuff and looking good while doing it. Luckily nowadays there are countless brands, styles, and designs that make finding the backpack that suits your lifestyle a breeze. Into adventures? Then go for an all-purpose canvas backpack. Like something a bit more luxurious? Then a 100% leather bag is the right move for you.  Whatever your specifications or aesthetic is, a good backpack will come in handy all the time.


3. Add A Watch

There is something that is inherently powerful about a simple watch peeking out from under your shirtsleeve. Not only does it add a touch of sophistication to any outfit but it’s also completely practical in everyday life. Watches in the past few years have made huge leaps in technology and the amount of information you can have on your wrist is a gamechanger. Whether you want to embrace the smartwatch or are more classily inclined this is an accessory that every man should have.


4. A Minimal, Sleek Wallet

There is no reason that your pockets should be bulging from carrying around your wallet. Ditch the cumbersome old one and embrace a smarter, slimmer design. Your wallet should be highly functional on a day to day basis and have features such as anti-scanning interiors to reduce the risk of identity theft. It should ultimately make your life and your transactions easier.

5. A Pair Of Sunglasses That Suit You

Sunglasses are an accessory that has the potential to become a signature part of your look. There are so many options out there, but the key is to find a pair that you like the look and feel of. Whenever possible we recommend trying on in store since the way they sit is so dependent on your facial structure.  The style you choose can inject a sense of your personality into a simple outfit. They can be classic, retro, sporty, you name it. Sunglasses are an accessory where quality does shine through, so make an investment in them since they are something you’ll want to wear every day.

6. A Multifunctional Keychain

If you are carrying something with you every day, then having it be multifunctional is almost a requirement. A keychain is an ideal place to have an accessory like this, integrating features like a bottle opener or mini screwdriver. We are also big believers that style should never have to be sacrificed for function, so look for a keychain with high-quality materials and engineering. 


At Kore, we believe that accessories shouldn't ever just be for show, they should function on a higher level and make your daily life better. Everything we design, from our belts to our keychain, we make sure it is an absolute life essential. Take a look at all our accessories here, we promise, they are game changers.