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Groomsmen Gift Guide

Groomsmen Gift Guide


Your groomsmen are the guys that have been through it all with you. They are your best friends who have undoubtedly helped shape some of your best (and worst) decisions. Having them with you on your wedding day means everything, and of course, you want to get them something awesome for their groomsman gift.  We are breaking down our top five gifts that your friends will love and actually use long after you say “I do”.


1. Fashionable Belts  

If you’ve been in a wedding party before, chances are you’ve gotten a gift that you loved…but never used again. The solution is to get something that is a blend of practical and luxurious. A well-designed leather belt is something you will see your friends wearing and loving for years to come. An added bonus is that you can all wear them on the big day. See? Already getting your money’s worth.


2. Classic Cufflinks

Now custom cufflinks aren’t anything new to groomsmen gifts, but they are a tried and true classic. Customize them with their initials, the date, or even an inside joke. Although they are a subtle touch to the suits on the wedding day, the devil really is in the details on this one. They add a level of sophistication and make for a handsome and classy gift.


3. Minimalist Wallets

If you are gifting a group with varied tastes a universally liked gift is a modern and sleek wallet. This is something that everyone can use and appreciate on a daily basis. Go for a high-quality leather that feels great in your hand but isn’t overly flashy. Minimal, well designed, and subtle are the words you should be using to describe it. If you want to go the extra mile, you can write each of your groomsmen a note and put it in the wallet before giving it to them. The personal touch will make all the difference.


4. Personalized Flasks

Flasks are one of those things that come in handy at a wedding and we will go ahead and say this is a must if you aren’t having an open bar. Flasks can be customized for each groomsman making the present feel personal. Coming in a wide variety of shapes and materials you can find one that suits the look and feel of your wedding. Be sure to gift each guy their favorite type of liquor as well!


5. Multifunctional Keychains

A keychain can be a small and impactful gift for your groomsmen, but don’t just go for something average. Look for one made of superior materials that won’t break a month after the wedding. You want a keychain with multiple functions, like doubling as a bottle opener or screwdriver.  If you are looking for something simple or want to add onto a gift, this is perfect.

Now go enjoy your wedding day with all your best friends!


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