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If you're into concealed carry, or CCW, you know it's not just about picking the right firearm. The gear you use can make a world of difference, and one piece of gear that's often overlooked is a good belt, or better yet, a great belt.  

I used to think any belt would do the trick, but I was wrong. A reinforced, perfect fitting CCW belt can really up your game and even your draw speed. 

Here’s why. 

Keeping Things Steady 
The first thing you'll notice about a good EDC belt like the KORE brown leather gun belt is how stable it keeps your firearm. Regular belts just don't cut it—they sag and shift, making your holster move around. KORE belts are built tougher and reinforced, so they keep your holster right where it should be. When I switched to a proper CCW belt, my firearm stayed put, and I stopped worrying about adjusting it all the time. A stable holster is crucial for several reasons. 

Firstly, it ensures your firearm is in the same position every time you reach for it, which is vital for muscle memory and quick draw practice. Secondly, a stable holster prevents the firearm from shifting or tilting, which can be uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. Imagine trying to draw your gun in a high-stress situation only to find it has shifted out of position. A good CCW belt, along with the right holster, eliminates this risk, ensuring your firearm is secure and accessible when you need it most.

Comfort Is Key
Comfort is a big deal when you're carrying it every day. A regular belt can dig into your sides, especially with the weight of a gun. A good CCW belt spreads that weight out, making it much more comfortable. I used to fidget and adjust constantly with my old belt. Once I began wearing the Kore Coyote Tactical Nylon Gun Belt, it was like night and day. I could carry it for hours without discomfort. Plus, the ability to make micro-sized adjustments means I don’t have to create new holes if I gain or lose a little weight.  

The material of the belt also plays a significant role in comfort. High-quality CCW belts found here at KORE are made from materials like high-quality leather or durable nylon, which provide a good balance between rigidity and flexibility. They mold to your body over time, creating a custom fit that adds to the overall comfort.

Built to Last 
KORE belts are made to last. They're built from durable materials, such as the KORE proprietary Power-CORE, that stand up to daily use. My old belts would wear out pretty quickly, but my KORE gun belt has been going strong for a while because it’s stronger than steel yet flexible. It’s been through rain, sun, sweat, and everyday wear and tear, and it still looks and works great. 

Durability is not just about longevity; it's also about maintaining functionality over time. A worn-out belt can stretch and lose its ability to keep your holster secure. High-quality CCW belts are designed to resist stretching and other forms of wear and tear, ensuring they provide consistent support for your firearm. This is exactly how KORE designed these gun belts to function.


Better Concealment 
Concealment is crucial when you're carrying. A good EDC belt keeps your firearm close to your body, reducing printing (when the outline of the gun shows through your clothes). Before I got a KORE belt, I was always paranoid about printing. Now, my firearm stays snug against me, and I don’t worry about anyone noticing.

Effective concealment depends on how well your belt can support your holster and firearm. A sagging belt can cause the holster to tilt outward, making it more likely to print. A quality CCW belt, with its reinforced construction, keeps your holster in place and close to your body, making concealment much easier.


Easy Draw
In a self-defense situation, you need to be able to draw your firearm quickly. A good CCW belt keeps your holster in the right position for a fast draw. Regular belts can shift, making it harder to draw your gun quickly. Practicing with my old belt was frustrating because the holster would move. With my KORE EDC belt, my draw is smooth and consistent every time. 

The consistency of your draw can be the difference between life and death in a self-defense scenario. A quality belt ensures that your holster stays in the same position, allowing you to draw your firearm quickly and efficiently. This consistency helps build muscle memory, so your draw becomes second nature.


One of the added benefits of a good EDC belt is its versatility. KORE belts are designed to be worn with a variety of outfits, from casual jeans to dress pants. This means you don't have to compromise on your carry setup just because you're dressing up for a night out or a day at the office. I can wear a more stylish gun belt in the office, at the disc golf course, and a tactical belt for training at the range.

Moreover, KORE belts offer interchangeable buckles and straps, allowing you to customize your look while still maintaining the functionality you need for carrying your firearm. This versatility means you can always be prepared, no matter the occasion.

Confidence Boost
Lastly, wearing a good EDC belt can give you a confidence boost. Knowing that your firearm is securely in place and easily accessible can provide peace of mind. This confidence can translate to a more relaxed and natural demeanor, which is important when you're carrying concealed.  

Feeling comfortable and secure with your carry setup means you're less likely to fidget or adjust your holster, behaviors that can draw unwanted attention. A quality belt helps you carry with confidence and ease.


Parting Shots
Investing in a legit gun belt might seem like a minor detail, but it makes a huge difference. KORE belts offer better stability, comfort, durability, concealment, ease of draw, and versatility. Whether you're new to concealed carrying or have been doing it for years, don't overlook the importance of a good belt. It's a small investment that pays off big time. 

Stay safe out there, and happy carrying! 

Author Bio:
Sam Jacobs is a passionate advocate for Second Amendment rights and an avid historian. As lead writer for, he delves into the intersection of firearms, freedom, and corporate power. With a penchant for defending individual liberties, his work sparks discussions in various publications and platforms.


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