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Kore Spotlight Series: Firearms Instructor

Kore Spotlight Series: Firearms Instructor

Introducing Kore Spotlight Series

Name: Alex Chavez
City: Riverside
Profession: Firearms Instructor

Rapid Fire Questions

Drink of choice? Cold glass of water
Guilty pleasure? In-N-Out Double Double
Go to shooting spot? Local private range
Biggest no no at the range? Unsafe gun handling

Walk us through your career.

I started shooting around 25 years ago but really took it seriously 6 years ago. Working at a local gun store showed me how much I felt I could help others become proficient and safe with firearms. That's how R2B (Right 2 Bear) was created. 

What is your pet peeve at the range?

Shooter that says revolvers never jam. Lol.

How do you carry?


I carry appendix. I also practice with outside the waistband on occasion. However, since I am a CCW holder, appendix carry is how I carry 99% of the time. Appendix carry offers the ability to conceal easier than any other position. Plus, I can get to it faster.

How often do you clean your sidearm?

Every 1000 rounds or so.

What tools do you use that optimize your performance?

Shot timer, laser pointer and my gun.

Tactical reload scenario... what are the pros and cons?

It has its place, but pros can be that you won't wait until the gun is empty. Cons would be you'll have to wait until you have time to reload like behind a cover or a lull in the fight.

What's the most impressive shot you've seen?

1000 yard pistol shot.

Better movie... John Wick or Die Hard?

Is that even a question that has to be answered? J.W.

Who do you look up to professionally? Personally?

There are quite a few people I look up to professionally. If I could name one... my wife. Personally... my wife.

What's your biggest takeaway from being a firearms instructor?

The satisfaction of helping others achieve a level of proficiency and the friendship it has allowed us to create.

As a Californian, can you explain Freedom Week?

Technically, the restriction against large-capacity magazines, defined as an ammunition-feeding device capable of holding more than 10 rounds, has been unenforceable since June 29, 2017 because of legal challenges. As a result, gun-owners were able to keep large-capacity magazines they already owned.

Judge Roger Benitez opened the door to the acquisition of new magazines in a decision that found California’s gun control law to be an unconstitutional restriction on the right to own weapons.

Carrying Recommendations:

If you could have one carry gun, what would it be?

Hands down... Glock 19.

RMR or 3 dot?

RMR for sure.

What's your everyday carry situation?

Glock 19 with Surefire X300 & Trijicon RMR, Spydco Edura Knife, Streamlight Protac Handheld Light, CAT Tourniquet, Tier One Concealed Axis Slim & Kore Essentials EDC Belt.

What ammunition do you use?

Basically any ball ammunition for practice and Speer Gold Dot 147 gr.

What shooting eye protection do you wear?

I'm using Liquid Eyewear at the moment.

Why do you choose Kore for your EDC belt?

Ease of use and durability. Low profile. Oh and how easy it is to adjust after you've eaten way too much. Lol.

What specific appeal does your Kore belt have that appeals to you as an instructor?

I'm always practicing my draw so my belt really takes a beating. Just the overall performance of the belt.


What's your greatest accomplishment?

Being a husband and a father to my three kids.

How has being a father changed your perspective?

It's not about me anymore. I come fourth.

What life lessons do you teach your kids?

ALWAYS be kind to others and treat everyone with the level of respect they deserve.

What's the overlap between being a dad and a firearms instructor?


For The Beginners:

What's one mistake beginners always make?

Asking non-professionals for advice on guns, fundamentals, training etc. Stop asking your friends. Seek experienced shooters.

What are general rules of thumb to follow at the range?

Gun is always pointed down range at all times and inside of your stall until you are ready to leave.

What would you say to someone who's new to the range?

Ask as many questions as possible. Always seek advice.

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