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Kore Trakline Belt "Clear Winner" vs Mission Belt & Slidebelts

Kore Trakline Belt "Clear Winner" vs Mission Belt & Slidebelts
'Reviews on Anything' recently did an in-depth comparison review of Kore Essentials Trakline belt, Mission belt and Slidebelt on March 2nd and declared the Kore Trakline Belt as the 'Clear Winner' in the ratchet belt category.

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These popular ratchet style belts (also known as automatic or hole-less or track belts) give the user a perfect, very adjustable fit. Instead of belt holes, these belts use a durable, nylon track sewn into the back of the leather that offers small incremental adjustments in 1/4" increments. Regular belt holes are usually 1 inch or more apart typically making them too loose or too tight. Therefore ratchet belts are much more adjustable versus a traditional leather belt and give a far superior fit.

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