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How to Choose the Right EDC Gun Belt ?

How to Choose the Right EDC Gun Belt ?

What makes a great concealed carry gun belt ?   And how to choose the right EDC gun belt ?

These are the kind of questions we hear every day from gun owners worldwide. We recommend you start by examining your gear and needs. Then ask yourself a few simple questions to get clear on what’s best for you. Are you planning to carry every day, or just on occasion? What style or model of sidearm do you plan to carry, including clips and accessories? Is this something you’ll be wearing for the range, work, or for around town? All of these answers will help to quickly determine the style, type and size of the gun belt that’s best for you. 

Trakline EDC gun belts by Kore Essentials.  Concealed carry leather gun belts with no-holes. X1 & X2 models shown.

If you’re looking for sturdy, every day gun belt that’s not overly thick and binding, a belt you can wear to work, for errands, out to dinner, or even the mall, and no one will know you’re carrying ? We might have the perfect concealed carry belt for you – the Trakline Gun Belt by Kore Essentials.

What makes Trakline gun belts the BEST choice for concealed every day carry ?  Our PATENTED ratchet belt system, was specifically designed to support a firearm and make carrying a gun easier and more comfortable. And of course at the end of the day – we wanted it to provide a fast, smooth draw.

How did we do it ? First - NO belt holes. That's right we got rid of them. Belt holes stretch out, crease and never really fit correctly. The one-inched spaced holes either make the belt feel too loose - or too tight. Every man knows this feeling.

 Trakline Gun Belt (backside view) track and ratchet belts fit.  EDC gun belts by Kore Essentials.

Instead our Trakline belts use a hidden, virtually indestructible track that is sewn into the back of the belt to give you over 40+ size positions to choose from. This is huge. Now you can adjust your Trakline gun belt 1/4" at a time – not 1 inch at a time. That means no more wearing a belt that's either too loose, or cinched too tight. The Trakline concealed carry belts are 800% more adjustable than any traditional leather gun belt (5-7 holes). 

This simple innovation makes a world of difference and will make you feel like you never want to use a traditional gun belt ever again. Our ratchet style, no-holes patented Trakline buckles engage the belt’s track and lock it in place at your exact size. There’s a small release tab under the belt that lets you release or adjust it instantly. See the video links below to see how this works.

Trakline Gun belts compared to Traditional men's gun belt. Trakline provides the perfect, secure fit for your firearm.

Trakline's gun belts are handmade genuine leather (1.5" wide) with a Reinforced Poly-Core for added support and stiffness to prevent sag or roll-over. The belts are One-Size and fits every waist from 28" up to 48" (XL to 54”), see product description for sizes. Every time you put the belt on, it snugs to your precise waist size and locks securely in place. And it's not overly thick or stiff, but comfortable enough to wear all day. That means comfortably sitting, walking, driving - every day. 

The classic ratchet buckle mechanism locks into the track. It's constructed of high-strength alloy with a gunmetal finish. The buckle pops off instantly, allowing the owner to swap gun belt colors, or pass thru security. And most important - it doesn't look like a gun belt, because no one needs to know you're carrying.

Trakline Gun Belt with holster and sidearm by Kore Essentials.  X3 with black reinforced poly-core.
[Trakline X3 buckle & Black leather gun belt]

Trakline EDC gun belts are not intended for use as a heavy-duty, tactical belts. Instead our belts are intended for use with light to medium weight holstered firearms up to 4 lbs. 

>> See How the Trakline Gun Belt Works <<

Things to consider before choosing a concealed carry gun belt >>  

MATERIALS & DURABILITY  Gun belts are constructed using a whole host of various materials these days, but the most popular is leather and nylon tactical webbing. These two materials are supportive, flexible and very durable.  On the range or in outdoor settings, the tactical style belts with nylon webbing are the most durable. Especially if your crawling thru the undergrowth, or other physical maneuvers, in hostile environments. The adjust-ability and fit with nylon gun belts is very good and they can take a real beating. These belts are generally not reinforced but are 2 layers of nylon sewn together and use either Velcro or snap buckles to fasten and adjust. Leather can work here too, but you run the risk of scratching, scaring or scuffing your belt, if that matters to you. 

Trakline men's leather gun belt for concealed carry by Kore Essentials.
[Trakline X3 buckle & Brown leather gun belt]

Around town, for work or play, a leather gun belt is typically more suitable. As a matter of fact, most gun belts are really just very thick leather belts, many even feature internal reinforced plastic, nylon or steel cores to add additional stiffness. One school of thought - "the thicker the better". But the truth is overly thick, stiff belts are binding and uncomfortable to wear all day, especially if you sit a portion of the time, or try driving. And wearing a super thick gun belt in public, is a tell-tale sign of concealed carry. And in my opinion, no one needs to know you're carrying. Stealth mode is best. So if you're carrying a light to medium weight firearm frequently, the thickest belt isn't the best gun belt. The best CCW belt is one that fits snug and secure to your precise waist size, provides sufficient sturdiness to support your particular firearm, and feels comfortable enough to wear all day - walking, sitting, moving, etc. If you get this right - you get a smooth, fast draw and real concealment. 

Trakline No-Hole, Ratchet style belt for EDC and concealed firearm carry by Kore Essentials. Trackline gun belts
[Trakline X3 buckle & Black leather gun belt]

Gun buckles for these belts are constructed using alloys, stainless steel, plastics and steel. All of these materials can work well in various situations and environments when used properly. Most importantly your gun buckle needs to be durable, reliable and lock the belt securely so it doesn't slip.


So a gun belt with the right amount of support, without sag or rollover, along with the right fit - is the goal with ccw belts. You need something that keeps your holstered firearm right next to your waist in a secure, supported fashion. If your belt is too loose or too tight it's a problem. It's hard to get a fast draw if your belt and holster is sagging, or if it's too tight.

I think it goes without saying that if you're wearing a concealed carry belt on a daily basis, for extended periods of time, comfort and fit are king. Of course, that's assuming you have a belt sturdy enough to support your sidearm. 

When it comes to inside the waist band (IWB) carry, or outside waist band (OWB) carry, the best-fitting, most comfortable leather EDC belt is the Trakline Gun Belt. Trakline belts give you over 40+ sizing positions, using a hidden, virtually indestructible track system. This simple innovation allows you to adjust your belt in small 1/4" increments. This makes Trakline belts 800% more adjustable versus a traditional leather gun belt with just 5-7 holes. You can't beat that. 

In the world of concealed carry - function always trumps fashion. We can all agree that your gun belt needs to work properly, before it looks good. This is especially true with heavy-duty, tactical gun belts. Harsh environments and rugged maneuvers requires . You need a simple, durable buckle and belt that functions in any condition. Fashion doesn't really come into play here at all. If you're talking leather gun belts in a more urban or metropolitan environment fashion does play a role. Again if your gun belt is plain, overly thick leather belt, it may say "I'm wearing a gun belt". So a little style, can go a long way in preventing that gun belt look. 


 Trakline X1 Gun belt for EDC and concealed carry by Kore

 Trakline X2 Gun Belt for EDC or concealed carry by Kore Essentials.  Firearms, pistols and holster belts.

Trakline X3 holster belt for EDC and concealed carry by Kore Essentials. Protect your right to carry a pistol, sidearm or firearm.

It's important to make sure the holster belt you choose has a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you don't like what you buy, because of how it fits, looks, feels, or supports your firearm, you want to be able to send it back for a full refund. Second, it's just as important to get a good warranty. It's obvious but if something goes wrong with your belt, or it breaks - you want to be able to contact the company and get a replacement. Some companies throw out lifetime warranty, which on the surface sounds great, but how many companies are going to be around for a lifetime? A year should be sufficient and is realistic.  COST There's really no need to spend over $60 to get a great gun belt. Anything that seems cheap to you, is just that - cheaply made with inferior materials and workmanship. You get what you pay for. And conversely any leather or tactical EDC belt over $80, is probably marked up too much. 

At the end of the day the ultimate goal - a gun belt that keeps your pistol concealed, comfortably and securely at your side, so if you ever need it, it comes out fast and smooth to protect and defend yourself and loved ones.   Carrying a firearm is a big responsibility, so do your homework and chose a gun belt and a company that you can feel comfortable and secure with.

Trakline Gun belt gives a fast, smooth draw. EDC and concealed carry belts.

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