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What are Holeless Belts?

What are Holeless Belts?

What is a holeless belt?  A Holeless Belt is a type of belt buckle that uses a hidden track to adjust the belt with - NOT belt holes. Why is this better? Because traditional belts use 5-7 holes spaced about 1 inch (25 cm) or more apart. But your waist sizes typically fluctuates 1/4 inch at a time.  A holeless belt lets you adjust in small 1/4 inch increments to match this fluctuation. A small knob under the buckle is used to adjust or remove the belt buckle entirely.

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Kore ratchet belts for men. How does a ratchet belt work. The no-holes belt for men.

Holeless belts are a relatively new innovation that greatly improves the function of a traditional belt in several ways. First, it's common knowledge that your waist size fluctuates throughout the day, as you eat, walk, sit, exercise, etc., and yet a traditional belt only provides 5-7 one inch spaced holes and a post to adjust with. The problem - your belt is typically either too tight or too loose. The solution - a holeless belt lets the wearer adjust 1/4" at a time. The holeless belt accomplishes this by eliminating belt holes and replacing them with a nylon track (with teeth like notches) sewn into the back of the leather belt, hidden from sight (see photos below). This track contains between 30-40 adjustment notches in small 1/4" increments. A holeless belt user can snug the belt to their exact waist size every time. A small release and adjustment lever is typically located under the buckle and is easy to operate. The overall result is a perfect fit.

Additionally, the track system eliminates unsightly belt holes that stretch out and crease over time on traditional belts. Most holeless belt buckles pop off to allow you to swap buckles and belt colors, or to pass thru airport security with the leather still on. Some Trakline buckles even open bottle tops easily.

Men's ratchet belt buckle and black leather belt. The "Express Belt" with Trakline technology by Kore Essentials

The Trakline brand "Express" holeless belt buckle and black smooth leather (no-holes) belt by Kore Essentials (above). 

Holeless belts have been in existence for over a decade in many parts of Asia but are just now becoming increasingly popular with American and European belt wearers.  It's true that a holeless belt provides a much better, more comfortable fit and holds it's appearance longer than traditional men's belts. 

Here are different ways to shop our ratchet belts:

Holeless belts are also commonly referred to as track belts, trackline belts, automatic belts, no-hole belts, ratchet belts, track belts, zip belts, or slide belts. 

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