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Written by DUUUDE CREW

The Ultimate Epic Countdown of the World’s Best Gun Belts for Every Day Carry, Concealed, Range, Competition, Duty, Tactical and War.

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One thing gun owners seem to have in common is the need for a trusted supportive belt when carrying the variety of firearms they possess. That is why the response to the “BEST” gun belt was hard to answer - until now.

To get the bottom, or top in this case, we polled firearm experts and instructors, thumbed through hundreds of gun belt websites, reviews, videos, forums and comments, finally tested many of the belts we found, and painstakingly came up with our 10 top ranked gun belts in each of 5 primary categories - not an easy task. Also important to note that all the contributors to this article are avid gun enthusiasts, owners and CCW permitted for a minimum of 20 years.

5 Gun Belt Categories

The 5 major categories include (click the Belt Links skip ahead):

We’ve compiled the best of the best, broken down the top 10 belts in each of the 5 belt categories and then ranked some of the preeminent belts you will find on the market today. Let’s jump in and count down the 50 best gun belts on the planet in 2023– in this best of gun belt bible.



To kick things off, we are going to take a look at the best EDC (Every Day Carry) gun belts. These belts are EDC (every day carry) belts that allow you to comfortably carry all day long in a wide variety of real-world situations. Real-world situations that include; work, play, social functions, events, a night out on the town, or simply just hanging out. These belts are designed for AIWB, IWB or OWB carry due to the construction and durability of the belt. By design, these belts are intended to support light to medium weight firearms, a mag or two and a small amount of additional gear, if needed. It's important to consider a belt that is stiff enough to support your rig, but flexible enough to move and sit in throughout the day. For these reasons, the fit and comfort are extra important to look for in this category. Bonus feature is to consider a belt that does NOT actually look like a gun belt, to keep the element of surprise on your side. Keep in mind these are NOT intended to be competitive shooting belts, duty belts, battle belts or tactical belts - we will cover those later.  Let’s take a look at the top ten everyday carry belts.


#1.  KORE Essentials Leather Gun Belt

Our  number one concealed carry gun belt is the Kore Essentials X Series leather gun belts. This belt is a game changer in several ways over the traditional leather gun belts on this list. First they feature a hidden micro adjustable track with 40+ sizing positions that is sewn into the back of the belt. This track lets you adjust to your exact waist size in ¼” increments and give you a perfect fit. This also keeps your sidearm snugged right to your waist throughout the day without no sag or slag. Touted by experts like Daily Shooter, Sootch, Yankee Marshall and many others as the best-fitting, most comfortable, concealed carry leather gun belt on the market today.

kore shop now.png

The buckles are beefier than most,  and secure to the belt using screws. The belts have a reinforced Power-Core center is nearly unbreakable, plenty stiff and yet somehow very flexible, enough so that the belt is comfortable enough to wear and move in all day. These belts don’t bind like a thick leather traditional belt does. 

kore trackline.png

Lastly, they offer a multitude of gun buckles and belts that you can interchange – most of which don’t look like a gun belt, the point of concealed carry and a big plus.

How it’s Made: These unique, ratchet style gun belts use a simple, spring-loaded caliber mechanism that appears to be reliable and durable to lock the belt in place. Each belt itself is constructed using 2 full-length pieces of top-grain leather, stitched together with a heavy-duty Power-Core center for stiffness. This core is a fibrous coated polyurethane type material that’s tough, rigid and yet flexible to move in. Belts are constructed to 1.5 inches wide and hold up to 6 lbs.

Made By: KORE Essentials


Perfect Fit that’s secure and comfortable to wear all day

Reinforced Power-Core™ center is stiff but flexible

No belt holes so zero splitting

Interchangeable buckles and belts

Doesn’t look like a gun belt


Multiple styles to choose from so picking one could be tough

XL sizes only up to 54”

#2.  Wide Horse Hide Gun Belt

The Horse Hide Gun Belt by Beltman is a denser material which makes it one of the most abrasion and moisture resistant brown leather gun belts on the market. Horse hide also lends itself to a greater degree of sheen when polished, which bodes well for those who appreciate the look, quality and durability of horse hide. Each belt is custom made.

How it’s Made: These horse hide belts are made when the outer layer of submersion dyed horse hide is paired to an un-dyed layer of 7oz. bull hide, and stitched together with heavy-duty nylon thread.  The final waxing and hand buffing with lambs wool gives the belt a custom look. All belts come with 7 holes on 3/4" centers for maximum adjustability. 

Made By: Beltman



Customized belt

Stiffest belt you will ever find


2 week turnaround time on belt orders

May be too stiff for some folks



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#3.  Colossal Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt

relentless tactical colossal.png

There is no question why Relentless Tactical Colossal Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt made the list for one of the best CCW gun belts of all time. Aside from visual aesthetics, this belt lets you pack any heat. This belt is designed with a 1 ¾ inch, 14 oz full grain belt that is strong enough to carry all your gear and stylish enough for discreet everyday use. A good solid platform for your IWB or OWB holster, mag pouches, flashlights, axes, machetes, and even power tools.

How it’s Made: This belt is constructed with a 1 ¾”, 14 ounce premium full grain U.S. bullhide leather. Each belt is made from one solid piece of top grain leather, ensuring it will not crack, peel, or roll like layered or bonded belts. 

Made By: Relentless Tactical


Does not sag or bend regardless of what you carry

Replacements at no cost if ever unhappy


1-3/4” width may be an issue for most regular size belt loops

$120 retail price


#4.  Apical Life Leather Gun Belt with Steel Core

The Apical Life Leather Gun Belt with Steel Core is a crowd pleaser. This gun belt features an embedded strip of steel between two premium layers of full grain leather.  This reduces warping and sagging no matter the situation. This belt is strong enough to carry all your gear and is a trusted choice for your IWB or OWB holster, mag pouches, flashlights and any other gear you carry.

How it’s Made: This belt is made from raw materials such as full grain leather which provides its rugged strength and durability. For the stitching, each belt is stitched twice to ensure quality and durability. For the belt buckle, stainless steel is used and each belt is hand burnished, beveled, and painted.


Made By: Apical Life


Double stitched belt for added durability

High quality leather used  



Painted belt buckle may not uphold with the longevity of the belt itself


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#5.  Hanks Gunner Concealed Carry Leather Belt

hanks gunner concealed carry.png

The Gunner Concealed Carry Leather Belt by Hanks is a solid, durable, and stylish leather belt choice for any conceal carry need. It is a great blend of the traditional style belt with comfort and flexibility of other CCW belts. This belt is designed to hold up a multitude of weight you put on it to avoid sagging. Overall a solid choice in this style.

How it’s Made: This belt is made from 100% full grain leather- one piece with zero fillers. Belt features a 14oz, 1.5” wide vegetable tanned leather and is made to be approximately .22-.23 thick

Made By: Hanks Belts


Leather material makes for a durable hold

Strong enough for more than guns

Removable buckle for adjustment


Sizing (length) may be an issue for some waists

May be too stiff for some folks


#6.  BigFoot Leather Gun Belt (18oz) with Steel Core

bigfoot belt untamed series.png

Touted as the strongest belt within BigFoot Belts Untamed Series, this 18oz. Steel core gun belt is ideal for anyone who wants to carry their full sized sidearm without any sag. What sets this belt apart is the embedding of flexible metal, giving support to the weight of a full-sized firearm. The belt’s snaps allow carriers to easily switch out their buckle and will not loosen over time.  

How it’s Made: This belt is crafted with beautiful English Bridle leather, and features a drum-dyed leather, available in black or rich brown, and is cut to the exact specifications of each customer. A handful of skilled belt makers sew a strip of stainless spring-steel between the two layers of drum-dyed leather. Then, craftsmen stitch the leather together with a heavy-duty polyester thread (Tex 270). Once the beveled, cut to size and sewn, the edges and ends are then painted. The genuine leather is then burnished to remove even the smallest of imperfections.

Made By: BigFoot Gun Belts


Steel roller buckle for smooth belt slide

Flexible metal core

Burnished leather to remove imperfections


7 day “test drive” period may not provide enough time for a solid run of the belt

May be too stiff and uncomfortable for extended wear

Looks like a gun belt

#7.  Relentless Tactical Ultimate CCW

The Relentless Tactical Ultimate CCW is a durable leather choice for those who are looking for versatility in using a belt for concealed carry or open carry. Durable to hold your firearm, pouches, flashlights, and more all while not sagging or dipping. While a slender looking belt, it is strong enough to handle the job.

How it’s Made: This belt is handmade in the USA, and features a 1.5“, 14 ounce premium full grain U.S. leather and no plastic inserts or multiple piece lamination is used.

Made By: Relentless Tactical


Leather durability/strength

Hold a lot of weight

Multi-use for CCW or Open Carry


Sizing can be an issue

Looks like a gun belt


#8.  AKER Concealed Carry Gun Belt

Not only one of the nicest looking concealed carry belts, this belt is also one of the strongest and most durable on the market-holding that claim since 1993. This 1-1/2" Concealed Carry Gun Belt by AKER has all the features of a premium dress belt, and includes a reinforcing strip of polymer to prevent weapon rollover or sagging. This CCW belt can hold any holster, in any carry position, and maintains a nice dress look when in use.

How it’s Made: This belt is made of U.S. cowhide, with a reinforcing strip of heavy duty polymer to prevent weapon "rollover" or sagging. Completed with leather lining, feathered edges, and a custom metal buckle and keeper, this USA handcrafted belt is available in either black with chrome hardware or in tan with brass hardware.

Made By: AKER


Brass or Chrome buckle options

Long standing belt designs since 1993

Materials designed for rollover protection


Hole spacing is in increments that may not be exact sizing for everyone

For sizes 48 and up, you need to contact their support desk

May be a little too stiff for EDC

#9.  Daltech Bull Belt

daltech bull belt.png

One of the thickest concealed carry belts on the market, the Daltech Bull Belt is a belt built to stand the test of time. By far one of the best belts to carry a lot of gear or if you’re really rough on your kit. While thickness is a good thing, this belt may feel too thick for some. The leather is nice and stitching is also very strong. This belt not only is a strong CCW belt, it also looks inconspicuous so it appears as though it is not a gun belt at all- isn't that the point?

 How it’s Made: This belt is made by trained leather workers for one of the toughest belts around. Made with 100% single piece full grain bullhide leather. Composed of 15oz vegetable tanned leather and finishes with 1.5” wide belt width. Belts are finished with a removable buckle, fastened with Chicago screws.

Made By: Daltech Force


Very durable for all uses

Single piece full bullhide

Removable buckle


Rather thick belt for some and may be uncomfortable for EDC


#10. CrossBreed Executive Gun Belt

The Executive Gun Belt by CrossBreed Holsters takes it to the another level with a woven nylon webbing strap as a liner to their already tough, sturdy belts.  The Executive Gun Belt is a fashionable and professional option for those who favor a more polished look. This belt features a custom buckle with a gun metal finish. The finished and refined look of this belt black leather gun belt will serve you well in your business-dress wardrobe as well as your daily carry.

How it’s Made: This belt is made with a nylon core and a liner set in place with industrial adhesive between the layers of top grain leather. The leather that has been individually hand-oiled for a custom look and starts with hides specifically tanned to the specifications of Crossbreed. Each strip is matched cross grain with a premium 7 oz leather liner using industrial adhesive, and now incorporates a ¾” woven nylon webbing strap. Each belt is beveled, burnished, and joined by recessed stitching using 277 thread.

Made By: CrossBreed Holsters



Custom look for a one of a kind belt

Durable and long lasting

Rigid but flexible


$10 charge for any adjustments or returns within 2 week trial period

top 50 gun belts on the market.png



Next on our best gun belt countdown are the best tactical gun belts. These belts are designed to take you and your firearms into the wild; shooting, tracking, hunting, trapping, camping, or any outdoor adventure you can dream up. They should be designed to support your gun and gear without any sag or slag. These belts are typically thicker, stiffer and tougher than your typical belt and are designed to prevent stretching, twisting and sagging when a weapon is holstered. By design, these belts are intended to support medium to heavy weight firearms, a mag or tow and some additional gear if needed. Gun belts like this require a great deal of rigidity, meaning manufacturer’s will typically incorporate internal stiffeners or double-reinforced leather to make the belt stiffer overall. While this at times can create a less comfortable for some, this method will ensure a proper everyday carry. Tactical belts are rugged enough to handle the work, but flexible to not restrict movement throughout the day. Belts should be tight but non impeding on breathing when putting the belt to use. The desirable width of the belt should be between 1.5” and 2” thick and materials here can range from person to person, it’s just important to choose the right one for you. Keep in mind these are NOT intended to be edc, competition, battle or duty style belts (those are covered in other sections of the countdown). Let’s take a look at the top ten tactical belts.

#1.  KORE X5 Tactical Belt

Duuude this belt is sick! Our number one ranked Tactical Gun Belt goes to the X5 model by Kore Essentials. This belt has zero belt holes and no Velcro.  Instead it uses a cool, hidden track system that gives you a perfect fit with 40 micro size positions to choose from. Kore’s tactical belt is 2X’s as stiff as their leather gun belts (which are already fairly stiff). 

The X5 gun belt has a zip tie like fit, keep your holster and firearm secure and tight at your waist side, preventing roll-over and eliminating any sag or slop. This all makes for a faster, smoother draw.  And you can adjust on the move without having to undo velcro or unhook your buckle.

There newer version has a reinforced  Power-Core™ center (proprietary blended material) for added strength and rigidity, but flexible and comfortable too.  Belt secures to buckle using teeth clamp and 2 set screws. It includes a belt keeper, so the belt tip sits securely against your waist. All in all, this was my favorite and offered more in the way of fit, comfort and support than the competitors.  And you don’t have to unbuckle at the urinal, so your rig is always secure.

How it’s Made: The outer nylon webbing (rated to 500 lbs.) and super-fiber inner layer are sandwiched with a Power-Core center and then stitched 6 times to make this unique belt durable and stiff enough to support medium to heavy weight holstered firearms, magazines, etc. (8 lbs. max).  X5 tactical buckles feature a black powder coat finish. Tactical gun belts are One-Size & fit any waist from 24” to 54” (1.5” wide).  

Made By: KORE Essentials


Perfect Fitting that’s secure and comfortable

Adjust on the move

Don’t have to unbuckle at urinal

Reinforced Power-Core™ center

No belt holes so zero splitting

Interchangeable buckles and belts


XL size only up to 54”

#2.  Elite Survival Systems Cobra Rigger’s Belt

The Cobra Riggers Belt by Elite Survival Systems is the first of its kind to include the D-Ring Cobra Buckle, safety hardware that fuses AustriAlpin's patented Cobra quick release system and a rescue D-ring! The D-Ring Cobra Buckle itself is rated at 4000 lbs (straight pull) and the D-ring is rated to 5000 lbs (straight pull), far exceeding ANSI Z359.1, CSA, EN, UIAA, and NFPA standards for fall protection. Add this Cobra buckle riggers belt to your tactical toolkit today!

How it’s Made: This belt is made with 1.75" Mil-Spec type 13 webbing - 7000 lb tensile strength. It comes with a D-Ring Cobra quick-release safety buckle by AustiAlpin and a Full Rigger's stitch on D-ring side. The belt is available in  Black, Coyote, Olive Drab, and Multicam.

Made By: Elite Survival Systems


Add on velcro tactical pouches are also available

Made in the USA

Heavy duty and strong


Too wide for some belt loops


#3. Condor Outdoor Tactical Gun Belt

Our third overall tactical gun belt is the Cobra® Tactical Belt (CTB) by Condor Outdoor. This belt is a great, comfortable, and ergonomic solution for many load bearing needs. The Condor CTB is equipped with Austri Alpin's patented Cobra® Buckle system that gives you up to 2000 lbs of tensile strength with a quick release capability. This belt is five row stitched to prevent sagging while you wear it with a heavy load. These belts come in a variety of colors including black, tan, and coyote tan.

How it’s made: This belt is a 1.75” nylon webbed belt that features resin-treated belt ends to prevent pre-mature fraying and increase durability. Made with genuine COBRA® buckles (by AUSTRIALPIN), give over 2000lbs of tensile strength. This belt comes in sizes 42” to 54” in total length.

 Made by: Condor Outdoor


Durable and long lasting

Rigid but flexible


Belt sizing has been an issue for some

May not be as stiff as desired


#4.  Klik Belts Tactical Belt with Cobra Quick Release Buckle

The Tactical Belt with Cobra Quick Release belt by Klik Belts works as well with a suit & tie as it does for the most insane world adventures. The 1-Ply webbing is designed for pliability and everyday comfort. The design is sleek and the buckle is anodized (not powder coated) which provides a super hard finish and looks pretty legit. The Cobra buckle has a lightning quick release and the adjustable design makes for a perfect fit every time with a business suit or jeans. For those looking for the heavy duty belt or regularly carry additional weight, the 2-Ply Tactical version is recommended.

How it’s Made: This belt is made with 100% nylon and made with Austrian precision. The Nylon belt webbing comes in a variety of colors, and sizes. Each Klik belt includes a cobra belt buckle that is made with 7075 aluminum – the same strong metal used in aerospace. The Cobra buckle has solid brass release clips. 1.5" wide webbing fits through all pant loops

Made By: Klik Belts


Belts come in D-Ring Double Ply and Triple Ply tactical styles

Quick release cobra belt


1 ply not stiff enough for many rigs

Feels pricey for what you get

#5.  Rattlerstrap Paracord Belt

The Paracord belt by Rattlerstrap is one of the more unique designs we have seen on a belt. In 2011 Rattlerstrap started making paracord belts as a convenient way to carry an emergency stash of paracord on backpacking trips. Paracord has a long-standing reputation for it's utility and durability. With an expanded upon design, with its double cobra-weave, this belt offers a dynamic comfortable and secure fit, along with a long lifespan despite natural waist warping. The titanium pin-style buckle, and infinite- adjustable nature of this belt will assure that it fits, and serves you well, for a very long time. This belt can hold anything- up to 5000 lbs.

How it’s Made: This belt is made entirely of high-quality 550 paracord and a classic titanium buckle. With the tightly woven design to ensure stability and integrity, this belt is rated to hold approx. 5000 lbs.

Made By: Rattlerstrap


2 versions of belt- The Stealth and The Scout

Rated to hold 5000 lbs


Attaching a tight or narrow holster may be complicated at first due to design of belt

Could shrink up to 1/2 an inch if fully submerged


#6.  High Speed Gear Rigger Belt

One of the toughest belts you can find, the High Speed Gear Rigger Belt provides quality in this 1.75 inches wide, snug fit and stable belt. This Cobra buckle features two quick release buttons that make it easy to remove the belt and can easily be worn to the side for simple single hand operation and quick access. The Rigger Belt comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

How it’s Made: This belt is made fully with high grade webbed nylon material and features a top-notch Cobra buckle with additional interior velcro for added security. The inside of the belt is double lined for comfort and added durability.

Made By: High Speed Gear


Double lined interior of belt

Multiple color options

With or w/o D-Ring


Some may not like the velcro add-on

Wide and may not fit thru all belt loops

A little pricey


#7.  Spec.-Ops Better BDU Belt

The BDU belt by Spec.-Ops is designed to be load bearing, making it a great option for tactical carry.  Featuring an innovative buckle with a “Flip-Tab” design, allowing you to quickly and easily tighten or loosen when needed. This belt is durable in the buckle and unlike other belts, it is adjustable giving the perfect fit without belt holes. The belt is strong and durable to help avoid unnecessary sagging or a belt that is too tight to wear all day long.

How it’s Made: This belt is made from HD nylon webbing that is durable and tear resistant. It features Battle-Buckles Hardware that is durable and can withstand daily use without damage.

Made By: Spec.-Ops


Innovative buckle with a “Flip-Tab” design for fast adjustment

Durable “teeth” in buckle for long lasting use

Micro-Adjustable for the perfect fit


Can feel flimsy not stiff enough

Cheap buckle

#8.  BLACKHAWK! Riggers Gun Belt

The Riggers Gun Belt by BLACKHAWK is another great option for a tactical belt. Featuring a micro-adjustable design that fits any size up to 51”, its style allows you to easily adjust the belt size and ensures a snug and secure fit every time. The belt is made to hold a large amount of weight and can easily support a holster, handgun, and several accessories without sagging.  

How it’s Made: This belt is constructed from nylon webbing that holds tensile strength up to 7,000-lb. (solid colors) or 5,000-lb. (MultiCam®). The buckles and adapters are parachute-grade and meet PIA-H-7195 standards

Made By: Blackhawk


Hook & loop secures running end

Multi-colored options

Holds an intense amount of weight


Metal may reflect in sunlight

Doesn’t adjust on the fly

A little pricey

#9.  Blue Alpha Gear Cobra EDC

For those who want durability of leather but do not want a leather concealed carry belt, the 1.5” Cobra EDC belt by Blue Alpha is a solid choice. The belt features an adjustment function built right into the belt, and is rigid enough to be the foundation for your EDC/CCW gear. With customization options available based on belt loop size and buckle size preferences, this belt is solid. 

How it’s Made: This belt is made with double layer nylon webbing right here in the USA. The belt buckles are made in Austria and feature a Hook and loop that locks the nylon into place when worn.

  Made By: Blue Alpha Gear


Adjustable velcro sizing

Durable buckle

Comfortable enough to wear all day

Won’t stretch over time


The 2” buckle may not fit in belt loops

Aluminum belt buckle may reflect in direct sunlight

Not super stiff


#10.  Mission Elite Heavy Duty

The Mission Elite Heavy Duty has the ability to stretch and move with your body as you go. With a reinforced strength design it can hold lightweight or heavy firearms, without sagging or a “strain like” feeling. This durable yet lightweight gun belt is a solid choice.

 How it is Made: This belt is made with double layer reinforced nylon to withstand any wear. It features zero reflective metal on the belt, allowing you to keep a low profile and not give away your approach.

Made By: Mission Elite



Double layer reinforced nylon

No reflective metal

Zero holes in belt

Conceal Carry and multi-purpose belt


The feel of the material is not smooth, rather coarse

Not very stiff



Next on our best gun belt countdown are the best battle belts. A battle belts are built for war, or situations that require war-like equipment. In these tense life-or-death situations you need all your essential gear within easy reach – and the weight is supported by your hips. They are designed to hold everything and anything, in a variety of battle scenarios, drills, expeditions, etc. By design, these belts are intended to support medium to heavy weight firearms, mags, tow and some additional gear if needed. If you need to carry a lot of heavy gear (spare magazines, radios, holsters, IFAK, knife, gerber multi-tool, etc.) a regular belt won’t cut it – there is not enough space for one, and it won’t be comfortable. For this reason, battle belts are made tough, and usually have lots of MOLLE webbing – so you can customize and attach utility pouches and accessories of your choosing. These belts help you keep all your critical gear within easy reach. These belts by design should be very quick and easy to put on. The padding and ventilated mesh fabric used will ensure the maximum comfort with a heavy load. Battle Belts can be worn with or without suspenders. The suspenders could be low-profile ones that go easily under body armor, or heavily padded – even with a yoke. Keep in mind these are NOT intended to be duty, EDC, competition, or tactical belts - we cover those in other sections of the countdown. And they are expected to be overly wide and more expensive than our other categories. Let’s take a look at the top ten best battle belts.

#1.  Velocity Systems Operator Utility Belt Gen1

Starting off our list for best battle belt is the Operator Utility Belt Gen1 by Velocity Systems. This belt is a  full-size battle belt with vented mesh and HDPE stiffener. It comes in 4 colors: Black, Coyote brown, Multicam, and Ranger Green. The original Velocity (OUB) is a simple, comfortable take on the battle belt. It’s based around a three-dimensionally-formed HDPE sheet that’s anatomically shaped and vented for comfort. Secondary to the the vented core is a spacer mesh on the inside to help promote airflow. The interrupted PALS hip columns allow a place for a holster to attach directly to the inner belt. The OUB typically fits a 1.75” Gun Belt as an inner belt but can accept inner belts up to 2.5” wide.

How it’s Made: This belt is a load-bearing Outer Utility Belt that is used in conjunction with an Inner Riggers belt, or other belt up to 2.5” wide that slides inside mesh sleeve. It features columns in the following sizing: Small: 16 Columns, Medium: 18 Columns, Large: 20 Columns, X-Large: 22 Columns. The MOLLE loops are for attachment of pouches, holsters, etc. and has a padded back for cooling and comfort.

Made By: Velocity Systems


All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA.



Sizing can be tricky for some

#2.  High Back Blast Belt

The High Back Blast Belt by Crye Precision combines the benefits of lower back support with flexible armor protection. This belt is an extremely stable and comfortable load carriage platform. It allows you to carry holsters, pouches, and thigh rigs securely and comfortably. It is designed to work in combination with operator-cut vests.  This belt accepts rifle protective upgrade plates and meets or exceeds IBA & USASOC frag and handgun requirements.

How it’s Made: This belt features ALS webbing on the sides, and features an added layer of velcro for extra security. The belt design covers the majority of the belt inner, and does not restrict mobility.

Made By: Crye Precision


Made in the US from US materials

Offers lower back support


Webbing on sides could be improved

Lack of PALS on the sides


#3.  Fight Light Battle Belt

The Tactical Tailor Fight Light line of tactical gear features the same combat tested designs as their regular gear but in a 30% lighter, FR lined package. The Fight Light gear features a lighter 500 denier Cordura (compared to the 1000 denier material of their regular gear). This belt offers strategic reinforcements and flame resistant lining so that it still holds up to whatever punishment you can through its way. The Fight Light Battle Belt is designed to work with your choice of belt, whether you want to work with a duty belt or your favorite rigger's belt. The Battle Belt can be worn alone or in conjunction with the Fight Light 4-Point Harness for added stability.

How it’s Made: This belt is made from flame resistant materials and the pads can expand up to 6” for different waist sizes. It features slots to attach leg rigs or thigh holsters directly to the belt instead of hanging from the webbing. The belt is  available in Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam, Ranger Green and Wolf Grey.

 Made By: Tactical Tailor


Variety of sizing measurements

Lightweight yet durable



Some larger belts will require one end of the buckle to be removed for assembly

#4.  VTAC Battle Belt Nylon

The Battle Belt Nylon by Vikings Tactical (VTAC) is a lightweight, comfortable, and adaptable belt for a wide range of holsters and accessory pouches. Designed to fit issued MOLLE gear and most belt attachments on the market, the VTAC Battle Belt is not an ordinary belt. This belt weighs less than 8 ounces and is constructed to be lightweight and durable. It is comfortable enough to carry heavy loads for long periods of time. In addition, this belt features belt weaving slots located every 3” across the MOLLE allowing the shooter versatility and modularity in attaching their kit. Legit belt choice right here.

How it’s Made:  This belt is made from 500d Cordura and is padded with 3D spacer mesh. It features a 6-inch high-density plastic insert that reinforces the belt, and comes in the following lengths: Med 30 1/2 "; Large 34 1/2", XL 37 1/2", XXL 39 1/2”

Made By: Vikings Tactics


Made in the USA

High-density plastic insert for reinforcement

Weighs less than 8 ounces


Weaving slot spacing may not be preferred for some

#5.  HSGI SureGrip Padded Military Belt

The SureGrip Padded Military Belt from High Speed Gear features a non-slip Neoprene liner that offers reliable gripping power and cushioning for all-day comfort. The belt uses Neoprene for the padding, giving the belt a cushiony gel-like feel for greater comfort and exceptional gripping power. It is one of the most flexible military belts of its kind, making it the ultimate support system whether at the range or in the field.

How it’s Made: This belt is made from a neoprene padded Interior, removable HDPE stiffener sheet, and features a brand-new modular system, that is just 0.75” thick and only 4.5” tall. It only weighs 16 ounces and has 3 access ports and 4 suspender attachments.

 Made By: High Speed Gear


Neoprene padding for extra comfort

16 ounces in weight



Some like the HDPE stiffener while others do not prefer this

#6.  Condor Gen II Battle Belt MultiCam

The Gen II Battle Belt MultiCam by Condor was designed to provide extra real-estate for modular attachments, easy load-out, and provides additional options to distribute your modular attachments/weight from your load-bearing vest. It has a new contoured shape to aid mobility while kneeling, bending, etc. It has a contoured shape to aid in mobility while moving about. The side panels with hook and loop closure offer an easy inner belt threading and drop leg platform attachment. It is one of the coolest belts on the market today.

How it’s Made: This belt is made with Genuine Crye-Precision MultiCam® and has 2 rows of MOLLE webbing for modular attachments. Features two openings for let rig attachment and has a 3D mesh lining.

Made By: Condor Outdoor


3D Mesh lining

2 rows of MOLLE webbing

Contoured design



Must be used with a 1.5" - 2" web belt


#7.  OneTigris Padded Patrol Belt 1000D Nylon Dual-use MOLLE Belt

One of our favorites, the Padded Patrol Belt 1000D Nylon Dual-use MOLLE Belt by OneTigris gives any beginner or avid duty member one belt to get it all done with. Perfect for airsoft, hunting, hiking, active duty, or even civilian life in the wood shop, just strap on the Padded Patrol Belt 1000D Nylon Dual-use MOLLE Belt and you can secure anything to it.  The mesh and foam padding are great for perspiration & additional comfort, has quick release for easy take off/on, and provides ability to carry various pouches.  It's a sure fire winning belt.

How it’s Made: This belt is made with 1000D Nylon, and features a mesh & foam padding, quick release buckle closure, and web loops on outer belt. It weighs 11.29oz/320g and comes in medium and large.

Made By: OneTigris


Mesh and Foam padding

Quick release belt closure

Only weighs 11.29 ounces



Medium and Large sizes only

#8.  Crye Precision Low Profile Battle Belt

Coming in as one of our top 10 is the Low Profile Battle Belt by Crye Precision, which is made by a top tier manufacturer for tactical gear. This belt offers the same lumbar support and stable load carriage platform as their ballistic (BLAST™) belts, but with a non-ballistic insert. It can also integrate seamlessly with Crye’s AVS™ StKSS Load System and the StKSS load support system that transfers vest-borne weight to the hips. One of our top ranked belts on this list as our number three choice.

How it’s Made: This belt features ALS webbing on the sides, and features an added layer of velcro for extra security. The belt design covers the majority of the belt inner, and does not restrict mobility. This belt is currently used by MARSOC teams (US Marine Corps Special Forces) in Coyote Brown, and also by some US Army Special Forces groups in Multicam color.  

Made By: Crye Precision


Seamless integration features

Trusted by Army and Marine teams

Weight distribution systems


There is also a soft armor insert available for this belt that is not included

Somewhat expensive

#9.  5.11 Tactical Men’s VTAC Brokos Belt

Our number 9 premium battle belt pick is the Tactical Men's VTAC Brokos Belt by 5.11 Tactical. Engineered in partnership with Viking Tactics® the 5.11® Combat Belt offers superior load distribution and extensive storage customization, allowing you to choose the loadout that best suits the task at hand. One great component is that on the back of the belt there is hook and loop (velcro) instead of MOLLE. This belt can work with either a tactical or web belt, and its highly compatible with Kydex holders and sheaths. This belt allows you to run a Kydex holster (drop leg or otherwise) without having to figure out another way to attach it to the MOLLE webbing.

How it’s Made: This belt is only 8 oz – but made from tough 500D Cordura. It has a 6” high-density plastic insert that is used to reinforce the belt, further helping with heavy loads. It is padded with 3D spacer mesh for breathability and comfort.

Made By: 5.11 Tactical


Ability to run a Kydex holster

Only 8 oz but durable

High density plastic insert


Hook and loop instead of a MOLLE (some prefer the MOLLE)

#10.  Elite Survival Systems Sidewinder MOLLE Battle Belt

Our number 10 ranked Battle Gun Belt goes hands down to the The Sidewinder MOLLE Battle Belt by Elite Systems. This belt gives you the tactical advantage by providing more modular space for your loadout. You can attach additional pouches to the belt for more capacity, or use it to distribute weight from your tactical vest. The belt is constructed of 1000 denier nylon on the exterior, and a soft nylon mesh on the interior. It has a closed-cell internal padding for comfort and a non-slip panel on the interior helps keep the system stable.

The Sidewinder is made in the USA and carries a lifetime warranty. While, like other belts, it does not come with the inner belt, the design allows for use of a variety of inner belts. This belt provides MOLLE compatible platform around waist and it’s segmented PALS panels allows its users to wind belt through panel slots and select between MOLLE mount or belt mount. It is everything you could ask for from a battle belt. We love this belt for battle, no matter how you define it, and believe it will be a great choice for any level gun user.

How it’s Made: This belt is made from durable 1000 denier nylon, comes with suspender attachment loops, and has a closed-cell internal padding for comfort and a non-slip panel on the interior helps keep the system stable.

Made By: Elite Survival Systems


Proudly made in USA

Closed-cell internal padding for comfort

PALS panels offer perfect spacing and use

Reasonably priced for quality


You’ll want to buy more than one but only need one for a lifetime



Next on our countdown are competition/shooting gun belts. These belts are belts that are used for shooting competitions such as IPSC/USPSA competitions. These belts are sturdy and secure, designed to hold all your gear firmly in place while competing. They often feature a compartment to safely secure all your shooting gear. Shooting belts are undoubtedly rugged and an absolute necessity for serious shooters.  Any weaknesses in your belt could cause a competitor to drop their weapon and slow them down in the course. Gun belts in this category may come in many different materials. Some people prefer leather gun belts because of their durability and strength-two on this list. However, there are also belts made of nylon, plastic, and other materials out there. Additionally, these items also come in different designs and capacities. Keep in mind these are NOT intended to be duty belts, battle belts or tactical belts - we cover those in different sections.  Let’s take a look at the top ten competition shooter belts.

#1.  Ghost Elite Shooter Belt

ghost elite shooter belt.png

Kicking this top 10 list off is the Shooter Belt by Ghost Elite. This competition belt is capable of securing a g34 and 4 magazines. It comes in a number of colors like black, blue, grey, and red. Although the belt may seem a little bit thick and heavy, it does a great job in securing your gear. The super ghost belt gives  you excellent quality as well as safety for your rifle. This belt has zero holes and uses a designer strap buckle, allowing anyone of any size to use this belt. In addition to its gear holding capacity, this belt has been also been designed with inner sides that make gear movement easier. The Ghost Belt for IPSC/USPSA competitions comes with velcro for attaching to the inner belt that feeds through the belt loops of your pants. This belt is very comfortable, yet rigid enough to securely carry any accessories that you require. 

How it’s made: The Super Ghost belt is manufactured with state of the art nylon material to give you excellent quality as well as safety for your rifle. Velcro is used for attaching to the inner belt that feeds through your pant loops.

Made By: Ghost 


Can secure 4 magazines

Zero Holes


May be a bit bulky with gear on it

#2.  Uncle Mike’s Tactical Competition Gun Belt

competition belt by uncle mike.png

Next up is the the new Competition Belt by Uncle Mike’s Belts.  The Tactical Competition Gun Belt is engineered for maximum performance on the professional stage.This belt features a combination of inner and outer belts for securing the system to the competitor’s waist. They allow for increased mobility, and fast configuration. This belt is not as thick and heavy as the super ghost belt. This enables you to attain maximum mobility and with the customized fast configuration, great drawing speeds are achievable. Even though the inner belt is not as thin as a person would expect, this belt is used for its durability and high quality. If you are about to perform on a professional stage and are looking for a strong and reliable belt, this would be a good choice.

How it’s made: This belt is made with a polymer reinforcement which handles the weight and strain of competition use. Inner and outer belts secure together using hook and loop closure.

Made By: Uncle Mike’s


Leather durability

ELS Customization of rig



Storage or carrying can be difficult

#3.  Sickinger Competition Gun Belt

sickenger competition gun belt.png

The Competition Gun Belt by Sickinger gives competitors the ultimate comfort during mobility. It has a light, yet sturdy aspect that no other gun belts possess. This makes it great for speedy movement even with the largest holster attached. You can have them custom fit according to your specifications for more comfort. This belt is made of leather for maximum longevity and is held together by two strong buttons that assure your belt stays on throughout the competition.

How it’s made: This belt is made from solid, durable leather. This belt also comes in waist sizes that range from 80-90cm.

Made By: Sickinger



Leather Durability

Custom fit available


Limited waist size options

top competition gun belts for men.png

#4.  Uncle Mike’s Tactical 3-Gun Competition Belt System

tactical 3 gun competition belt.png

The Tactical 3-Gun Competition Belt System by Uncle Mike’s has one feature that is unique- it’s padded. This makes the belt one of the more comfortable gun belts to have in any competition. The belt system has also been designed for multi-gun competitions where you can fit all the holsters and mags you need. The belt has been customized to fit both Reflex and Kydex holsters and ITW Fast magazines. In addition, competitors can forget about snags caused by buckles, because this belt uses hook and loop wrap closure. With its customization for multi-gun competitions, it is a great choice to use in 3-gun shooting matches.

How it’s made: This belt uses nylon materials for the belt, making it lighter than others.  Uncle-Mike’s 3-gun competition belt comes in a brownish color with a jungle green stripe.

Made By: Uncle Mike’s


Designed for multi-gun competitions

Fit both Reflex and Kydex holsters and ITW Fast magazines


Color choices may not be everyone’s favorite

Very thick

#5.  IPSC & USPSA Scorpion COMBO Shooter Rig

combo righ shooter by black scorpion.png

Our midway point of this top 10 list brings us to the Combo Shooter Rig by Black Scorpion. For starters, this belt comes with 4 storm pouches attached- saving you the cost of purchasing your own. They have a carbon finish that gives the belt a strong futuristic look and you can choose from 5 color options with black as the stock. This belt fits almost all sorts of magazines and is lightweight and just as strong as a leather belt. It is torque resistant, allowing for fast draws and movement, giving you an edge in speed during your IPSC or USPSA matches. The Storm IPSC and USPSA Competition Magazine Pouch is the best combination for the IPSC and USPSA Competition. The high torque of the belt combined with the sturdy construction of mag pouch provides the serious competitor with the necessary edge for reload speeds- making it a solid number 5 ranking.

How it’s made: This belt is made with different materials based on the part of the belt being referenced. The Outer Belt Material: HDPP Sheet,100% Virgin material Thickness 3 mm., 100% Velcro, 100% Nylon Web.  The Inner Belt Material : HDPE 100% Virgin Material Thickness: 1.5 mm.100% Velcro, 100% Nylon Web.

Made By: Black Scorpion


Supplied with both Inner & Outer Belt

Super Strong and and Hi Torque.



Added pouches may not be wanted by all who are looking just for the belt

#6.  CR Speed Super HI-Torque Competition Gun Belt

CR speed belt by CR speed.png

The HI-Torque Competition Speed Belt by CR Speed is a two-piece competition belt designed for easy on, easy off operation with a rigid design to hold all of your shooting gear in place all day long- great for USPSA and 3 Gun matches. Ideal for IDPA competition or daily carry, this belt has been manufactured in response to the requests from shooters who use their CR Speed competition inner belt on a regular basis for everyday wear.

How it’s made: This belt features a profiled tip on the inner belt to aid the threading of the inner belt through shooting pants belt loops. EDC belt features CR Speed branding on the inside of the belt.

 Made By: CR Speed


Rigid & Durable

Ideal for IDPA Competitions

Threading easy for inner belt loops


Geared for existing CR Speed Belt users of their regular carry line

top competition gun belts 2019.png

#7.  Double-Alpha Premium Double Belt

double alpha premium belt.png

The Premium Belt 1-1/2" Nylon by Double Alpha offers the extreme rigidity of the competition belt, in the higher quality finish and look of the PRO model. The original DAA Competition belt, and more recently, the DAA PRO belt are both solid choices for competition. The best feature is its extreme rigidity, stemming from a slightly thicker and harder core. The improved looks and finish, and handy name-card holder incorporated into the outer belt are an improvement. Some prefer the competition belt if they view rigidity as the most critical feature while others choose the improved appearance and quality feel of the PRO belt. The Premium Competition Double Belt offers the best of both belts – in one.

How it’s made: This belt is made from premium nylon and comes in multiple colors. The belt width measures 1.5”.

Made By: Double Alpha


Extreme rigidity

Card holder for name on belt

Improved appearance


Some prefer the original belt over this

#8.  MidwayUSA Stage 1 Competition Belt

stage one competition belt by midway.png

Our runner up belt is the Stage 1 Competition belt by MidwayUSA is an inner/outer belt combination that works to keep gear in place. It has a slim inner belt with a pointed end to slide through belt loops with ease.  The hook-&-loop design is meant to be worn with the loop side out so the belt won't snag on clothing.  The inner belt provides support and is effective for competition or duty carry when the rigid outer belt is added.  This belt has a removable safety loop, helping to keep your belt in place to prevent snagging.

How it’s made: This belt is made with quality material and features industrial strength Hook-&-Loop fastener. Competition Width is 1.5” and includes one safety loop to hold down belt end.

 Made By: Midway USA


Reinforced polymer core

Tough nylon outer layer

Downright cheap


Overlap may be too much for some

#9. COBRA Competition Range Belt

cobra range belt.png

Our number 9 ranked belt for competition/shooting belts is the Competition Cobra Range Belt by Helikon-Tex. This belt has been designed for dynamic shooting sports, such as IPSC, IDPA and 3-Gun. The stiffened belt provides a more stable platform for holsters and pouches. The Cobra® buckle by AustriAlpin® guarantees that the belt remains fastened and may be used as a standalone outer belt in connection with an inner belt. The Competition Cobra Range Belt has been designed for dynamic shooting with the stiffened belt providing a more stable platform for holsters and pouches worn by the competitor. With superior flexibility and durability, this belt is a sure fire first ranked belt for any level shooting competition competitor.

How it’s made: This belt is made of double webbing layer, stiffened and lines with loop velcro. It features a Austrialpin Cobra 25mm buckle. It features 100% Nylon and is 44mm wide.

Made By: Helikon-Tex


100% Nylon design

Superior Flexibility and Durability

AustriAlpin® guarantees that the belt remains fastened


Imported to U.S.

#10. KRYDEX Tactical Battle Belt

Our number 10 ranked belt for competition/shooting belts is the 2-inch wide nylon belt with Laser cut slots for modular attachment by Krydex. You can mount all kinds of gears such as guns, magazines, med kits, dump pouches, flashlight holder and other accessories with MOLLE attachment. Includes a 3 inch back support pad - soft & removable duty belt back pad, not only comfortable but also non-slip, to spread the load and relieve pain and stress on your lower back, especially when wearing for long periods of time or particularly heavy gear.

How it’s made: KRYDEX Tactical Gun Belt "inner/outer" belt system features 3 useful belts with 2 inch laser cut outer belt and a 1.5 inch soft loop inner belt + 3 inch comfortable back support pad, making it fully customizable

Made By: Krydex


100% Nylon design

Comes with several layers for durability

Fully Customizable


Velcro inner belt runs a tad small



Next on our best gun belt countdown are the best duty gun belts. These belts are designed to hold anything, in a variety of settings and situations, similar to the CCW and heavy duty belt list.  By design, these belts are referred to as a gun belt, "duty rig" and/or kit belt. They are constructed of nylon or thick bridal leather used by police and security officers to carry lots of equipment easily, in a readily-accessible manner, while leaving the hands free to interact. This belt carries many useful items, ranging from handcuffs to guns, mags or tow and some additional gear as needed based on the duty officers function. Most duty belts have a width of 2" to 2-3/4”. These belts are very stiff, to accommodate and  support all kinds of gear, but typically not very flexible and they can be uncomfortable. For these reasons, the fit, waist adjustment options, and comfort are extra important to look for in this category. Duty belts wrap around the waist and fasten with a buckle on the front. This is often protected by a velcro cover to prevent release of the belt by anyone other than the officer. Traditionally, belts have been fastened using a metal buckle; however, this type is changing for a number of reasons. Now plastic buckles are more common, and many incorporate a three-way buckle system for added security.  Keep in mind these are NOT intended to be range belts or battle belts- we will get to those later in the countdown. Let’s take a look at the top ten best duty belts.

#1.  5.11 Unisex Adult 2.25” Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Plus

sierra bravo belt.png

Starting this list off is the Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Plus by 5.11 Tactical. With 1680D nylon construction, this belt is the perfect foundation for a duty kit. It has a waterproof finish providing a tension free wear and the waterproofing adds an added layer of ingenuity within its design. This belt is ready to provide support for bearing weight on tactical carry, and can support all types of small and medium gears, equipment, and weapons. Great belt for any duty need.

How it’s Made: This belt is made of 100% pure nylon and is MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) compatible. This belt is It is also compatible with TacTecSystemTM, a trademarked system of 5.11 Tactical for increasing the storage capacity so that you can carry more ammunition. It has a dual belt configuration, 4 dual keepers, and is waterproof.

Made By: 511 Tactical


TacTec System and MOLLE compatibility will help to carry more ammunition

1680D pure nylon construction

Easy fit for your waist size.


Only 3 available sizes

#2.  Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Sentinel

uncle mikes le sentinal duty belt.png

The Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Sentinel Duty Belt is designed for light to moderate duty, as well as for security, corrections, emergency and miscellaneous uses. This duty belt from Uncle Mike's can be used as a platform for all of your gear. Tactical duty belt from Uncle Mike's LE is as functional as it is durable. Designed with the security professional in mind, this belt is built for agencies demanding quality without compromising their budget. 

How it’s Made: This belt is made of molded foam with a ballistic nylon outer shell. It is easy to clean and maintain and measures at 2” wide. Belt comes with belt only, no pouches included when ordering.

 Made By: Uncle Mike’s


Variety of “duty” uses

Doubles as a dog-walking belt


Not easy to adjust

#3.  Bianchi 7980 BSK Duty Belt

bianci belt.png

The 7980 BSK Black Duty Belt by Bianchi is an example of great quality expected by Bianchi. This belt is comfortable, durable, and interestingly designed. The belt is made with a Duraskin exterior loop lining, giving a stylish yet durability under extreme weather conditions. The material is much lighter than almost any other belt, which is an added bonus to those wanting comfort without sacrificing durability. The 3-point release of this belt provides extra security from inadvertent release, which is also a big advantage.

How it’s Made: This belt is made from a Four-part laminate construction for extra durability. The Duraskin exterior loop lining is used with Bianchi 7205 Liner Belt, and has a Tri-Release shatter resistant, polymer buckle features 3-point release for added security.  Belt measurements: 2" (50mm) width; belts are 2" (50mm) oversized to accommodate liner belt and padding.

Made By: Bianchi


Various sizing available

Can integrate with other attachments for duty use


Sizing of initial order can be tricky based on consumer preference

top 50 gun belt countdown duty belts.png

#4.  Blackhawk Reinforced Duty Belt with Loop Inner

blackhawk duty belt.png

The Reinforced 2” Duty Belt with loop liner by BLACKHAWK!® gives the best of both worlds for traditional looking yet street-tough duty gear. This belt combines high performance, light weight and ability to disinfect blood-borne pathogens of nylon and added the traditional look of plain leather duty gear. The belt is a crisp molded look of leather- perfect for duty gear. The five-layer laminate system helps maintain its integrity through years of service. It starts off a little stiff at first, but contours to your body shape over time and becomes more comfortable.

How it’s Made: This belt is made with nylon, to give all day comfort with less weight than leather. It is 2” in width, and the belt is abrasion resistant with a proprietary 5 layer laminate for years of service. It is manufactured by ATK.

Made By: Blackhawk


Highly abrasion-resistant

Can be disinfected as needed

Proprietary 5-layer laminate with the integral polymer core for long-lasting service life


Inner belt is sold separately

#5.  Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Kodra

uncle mike kodra duty belt.png

The Law Enforcement Kodra by Uncle Mike's is an example of shear strength and peel strength of the hook and loop used. The padded edges prevent it from digging into your waist or hips, even when sitting or bending. The belt is designed for light to moderate duty, as well as for security, corrections, emergency and miscellaneous uses. Featuring a tapered design that allows more comfort while seated, the Kodra features a comfort inner pad and 4 belt keepers that allow to lock the duty belt and the inner belt together and keep them in place. Great fit, great durability, and great all around duty belt.

How it’s Made: This belt is made from a sturdy, two-inch, dual-layer nylon that is flexible enough for everyday comfort and rigid enough to support a lot of gear. Its web edges are finished with smooth nylon to prevent snagging and digging. It has a patented Pro-3 Triple Retention Buckle and sturdy nylon webbing.

Made By: Uncle Mike’s


Triple-locking buckle

Rides well on the waist

Comfortable for wear all day


Plastic parts are slightly flimsy

top 50 gun belt epic countdown.png

#6.  UTG Elite

elite duty belt by utg.png

The Elite duty belt by UTG is designed for law enforcement and military personnel who need something that can carry a pistol and extra magazines. It is double-stitched with reinforced threading ensures it handles anything you throw at it. The UTG Heavy Duty Elite Law Enforcement Pistol Belt with Dual Mag Pouches is the pistol carry belt that elite officers and tactical units rely on in the field. It has a modern-design, and has a quick release buckle system for fast access to your gun. The 2” wide belt is flexible and adjustable to custom fit up to a 44-inch waist. This stylish, reliable belt is an effortless way to carry your pistol while on duty.

How it’s Made: This belt is sewn with reinforced threads and double-edge stitched for extra durability and strength. It also provides two extra-large, horizontal magazine pouches with easy buckle snap closures.

 Made By: UTG


Mag pouches snap closed

Can be quickly put on and taken off

Reinforced threading for added durability


Fits up to a 44” waist

top 50 overall gun belts.png

#7.  Wolf Tactical Heavy Duty

wolf tactical gun belt.png

The Tactical Heavy Duty Belt by Wolf Tactical has been stiffened to support any IWB or OWB holster without rolling over. This belt is also great for everyday carry tools or survival gear. The metal buckle is nearly unbreakable, allowing it to stand up to any abuse it undergoes in the course of your daily duties. It is constructed with tough and rugged nylon webbing but is perfect for comfortable everyday use.  

How it’s Made: This belt is made with 2 layers of high quality 1.75” nylon webbing, reinforced for added rigidity, allows our belt to withstand heavy use when working in any extreme or emergency situation. A solid metal D-ring allows for attachments of carabiners and accessories. No holes in the belt means it is fully adjustable to any waist size. Velcro hook and loop closure secures the running end.

Made By: Wolf Tactical


Solid for open or concealed carry

Comfortable while seated

100% money back guarantee


Velcro over time can wear out

#8.  Safariland Buckleless 94

buckless 94 by safariland.png

Coming in as one of our top 10 belts is the Buckleless 94 by Safariland. This belt is available in five different styles, and the Safariland Buckleless 94 is made of special SafariLaminate materials that will last for years after purchase. It has a neat brass hook-and-loop closure instead of a bulky, uncomfortable buckle which is huge for those wanting comfort and stability. The belt is available in Plain, Basketweave, Hi Gloss or Nylon-Look finish for any desired look.

How it’s Made: This belt is made of Safarilaminate™ construction with hook lining running the full length of the belt, allowing it to attach to the loop band on the Model 99 belt - completing the Buckleless™ System. Comes in 2" and 2.25" (58mm) width. It has hidden brass prongs and a hook and loop closure on both ends.

 Made By: Safariland


Velcro along inner liner

More flexible than others

Room for attachments


Various styles to choose from can make picking one hard

#9.  Bianchi Accumold 7200 Nylon Duty Belt

black nylon duty belt by bianchi.png

The 7200 Black Nylon Duty Belt by Bianchi Accumold is a highly durable, stylish, legit belt for duty wear. This belt is not like other nylon belts. The ballistic weave fabric outer in combination with the loop lining and a foam center really makes this product outstanding. This belt is durable for all day wear and can fully integrates with additional items such as handcuff cases, radio cases or magazine pouches. This best duty belt is extremely comfortable and low profile. Close race between this and our number one ranked belt.

How it’s Made: Two layers of closed-cell foam added for support complete the nice look of the belt. This belt has a 5-part construction which ensures comfort and durability. Of the 5-part construction, the outer part is made of ballistic weave and loop lining. inside these two layers, the belt has a sandwiched polymer stiffener. The whole 5-part construction is total 2.25” wide which is the width of the belt. The buckle is Coplok shatter resistant which is added to this belt to ensure added security

Made By: Bianchi Accumold


2 layers of closed cell foam are added firmly to ensure user comfort

The firm construction of this belt has made it strong enough for anything


To unlock, you need to push 3 buttons at the same time

#10.  5.11 Tactical Sierra Bravo

5 11 tactical duty belt.png

Coming in as our number 10 ranked duty belt is the Sierra Bravo belt by 5.11 Tactical. The Sierra Bravo comes as a kit that includes the main belt, an interior belt, and four attachable keepers for securing it in place. It is available in sizes that can accommodate waists measuring up to 54“, so almost any person will find a fit. This belt is not only the most durable (in our eyes), but it also looks the part. It’s strong and durability and really easy to maintain as well, which is an added bonus for anyone in the field. It’s also waterproofing, and its resistance to moisture impacts on the reliability of the belt. It is compatible with MOLLE Systems and is strong as anything you'll find out there.  Customers also love the belt and rank it high on their charts as well. For heavy-duty use this is a legit belt.

How it’s Made: This duty belt is made 100% of extremely resilient, high-tensile 1680D nylon, which means that your chances to tear it are slim to none.

Made By: 511 Tactical


Waterproof backing

Made from 1680-denier nylon

Compatible with MOLLE systems


Only available in 3 sizes


There you have it - the Top 50 Gun Belts in the world. But of course top 10 lists like this stir up debate and differing opinions as to who and what the best is, and on some level it can differ with personal need or situation. But one thing is for certain, we covered quite the range of belts, uses, functions, materials, technology and designs that make up these great gun belts. Some of these belts may or may not have surprised you and some may not have even crossed your mind-until now. One thing we can tell you, is that the combined consensus and results of the research we did, says that these belts are - by and large- considered the “Best of the Best” out there today. 

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