What is a Ratchet Belt ?

by Bold support November 18, 2016

What is a Ratchet Belt ?

A ratchet belt is a relatively new innovation that improves the function of a traditional belt. A ratchet belt buckle utilizes a spring-loaded mechanism  and hidden track system for improved adjustment capability. A traditional belt uses a post style buckle and leather belt with a series of 5-7 holes (spaced one-inch apart) to adjust with. This means having to adjust in one inch increments, which causes a belt to be either too tight or too loose. A ratchet belt solves this problem by eliminating belt holes. NO belt more holes. Instead, ratchet belts use nylon track (with teeth like notches) sewn into the back of the leather belt, hidden from sight (see photos below). This track contains between 30-40 adjustment notches in small 1/4" increments. The ratchet belt user can snug the belt to their exact waist size every time and adjust 1/4" at a time, when needed. A small release and adjustment lever is typically located under the buckle and is easy to operate. The overall result is a greatly improved fit.

How a ratchet belt works compared to a traditional mens leather belt.

A ratchet belt track with 40+ sizing positions (back of belt) compared to a traditional leather belt with 5 holes (above).


Ratchet belt buckle with spring-loaded mechanism for durability and no sticking (back of buckle). Release tab is located on the bottom of the buckle when worn properly.
Men's ratchet belt buckle and black leather belt. The "Express Belt" with Trakline technology by Kore Essentials

The Trakline brand "Express" ratchet belt buckle and black leather (no-holes) belt by Kore Essentials (above).

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