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 Kore EDC gun belts with track style no-hole belt.  Man's concealed carry leather belt for IWB, OWB and APPEND
A good Every Day Carry (EDC) belt should be near the top of the list for those that carry a firearm on a daily basis. Not only will a proper EDC belt hold your trousers up, but it will also provide a platform for supporting your firearm and associated equipment.

What to look for in your EDC belt?

Normally when someone buys a belt the majority of the decision will be based on the form, on how it looks. When shopping for and EDC belt function should outweigh form. Fortunately with the Kore Essentials EDC belt you don’t have to sacrifice form to get outstanding performance. An EDC belt should first and foremost be a robust platform to support and carry your firearm and related accessories. Any belt can hold your firearm, but a purpose designed belt for EDC will have enough support to distribute the weight of your gun and accessories over a larger area which will provide more comfort for the user. If you are wearing an older leather belt, or many of the nylon belts that have stretched and sagged, it will be less comfortable to carry than a well supported belt and it could hinder an efficient draw of the weapon. 

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We ordered both a black and a brown belt and the X2 and X3 gun buckles.  To store the belts when we are not wearing them we ordered their belt hanger that allows you to clip the buckle to the hanger.

The Kore Essentials EDC belt is a genuine leather belt, 1.5 inches wide, with a reinforced polycore which provides ample support for your daily carry. One of the unique features of this belt that adds to the comfort and security is the TrakLine feature. Most belts will come with around 5-7 holes with an inch or more spacing between them which means that you are forced to compromise with how tight/secure the belt is. When the job is holding solely your trousers up an inch isn’t a big deal, but once you add the weight of your gun, you might find your self having to decide whether to wear your belt too loose, or too tight. The TrakLine system allows you to adjust your belt in 1/4 inch increments. This allows you to tighten the belt tight enough to secure your gun, but loose enough to be able to breath. The belts come from the factory long enough for a 54 inch waist. To customize your belt on the back are markings to indicate waist sizes, find your size waist and add 4 inches, using a sharp pair of scissors (we can attest that a chop saw works in lieu of sharp scissors!) cut the belt at the new length. You now have a custom size belt that can be easily sized to fit your waist regardless of the meal that you have just eaten!

We have been doing a wear test, nearly daily for the last 6 months and have not had the TrakLine slip even on notch in our daily use. The belt easily supports our EDC gun (Les Baer Stinger) and an extra magazine with no sagging or drooping. The gun is held in place securely and supports the holster through the draw.

Kore Essentials offer their belts in a variety of styles and colors and there are more than a dozen different styles of buckles to complete the set up.

While it may be more exciting to think about purchasing new holsters over a belt, a good quality EDC belt can improve both your comfort and the security of your carry accessories. The Kore Essentials TrakLine has become one of the most important items in our every day carry. This belt is highly recommended. 

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Kore Essentials Trakline gun belts, in black and brown reinforced top-grain leather with the gun buckles (shown X2 & X3).  Kore essentials also makes fashion belts and buckles not designed to support a firearms and not interchangeable with the their gun belts.


Add four inches to your pant size and cut to fit using sharp scissors. So if your pant size is 36" - cut at the 40" mark.

The inside of the alloy buckle with teeth to secure it to the end of the belt.

1/4 inch adjustments in the center Track.

Their hanger storage system (available separately)

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written by Darby Darrow and posted in Trucks & Guns



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