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10 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Yea we all know damn well he’s the ultimate Terminator. We all try to imitate his “Get in Da Choppa” quote, or "I'll be back", and most of us recognize he makes a horrible Kindergarten Teacher. But here's 10 things you might not know about the X-Governator that are worth reading!  


  1. He’s the Youngest Mr. Universe In History

 Arnold Swarzenegger wins first Mr. Universe

At just 20 years old, Arnold took home the bacon and won the annual Mr. Universe competition. A record that still holds today. Most 20 year-olds are just trying to keep off the freshmen 10. So there's that.  


  1. He had a Successful Bricklaying Business

 Arnold Schwarzenegger at  one of his first jobs in America, laying bricks. Later he become more of a pipe layer ;)

At 21, he did what every Bodybuilder did back in the day - he started a bricklaying company. Fresh of the boat from Austria to the USA he and a fellow Italian strong man, Franco Columbu, capitalized on the demand for building materials following the San Fernando earthquake in 1971. These bros created a thriving company using both brain, and a lot of brawn.   


  1. He was a Soccer Player in his prime

 Arnold Schwarzenegger played soccer for a time.

No he didn’t wake up a bodybuilder. He woke up a skinny kid who was first introduced to Soccer. But when his soccer coach took him and his team to do some weight training (to get da muscles yeah) at a local gym he was hooked. At age 14 he started working on building muscle. Bye bye girlie man and hello Austrian Oak (nick name).


  1. He started bodybuilding at age 17

 Arnold Schwarzenegger started bodybuilding at 17.

Arnold started from the bottom and used the "no pain, no gain" philosophy to propel him into professional bodybuilding at just 17.  


  1. He served in the Australian Army

 Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Austrian Army

Crazy as it sounds me may have actually used the line “Get in da Choppa” for real. Like in the Army kind of real. Our investigators are researching the bananas out of this assumption but until then know this - he served for a year before the Army “got in the way” of his bodybuilding. He even went AWOL for this very reason and served a week in the brig (Army jail). So yeah, Arnold ain't no angel, he's even got a rap sheet. 


  1. His movies grossed more than $4 Billion

Arnold Schwarzenegger's  movie have grossed over 4 billion. Arnold from scene in 'Conan the Barbarian" 

We love us some Arnold action flicks. Come on, the guy has made like 6 Terminator movies and has starred in other classics and cinematic staples that it’s no wonder his movies are box office slayers. Go on admit it - Jingle All The Way is your jam. 


  1. He cares about the Environment

 Arnold Schwarzenegger goes green.

Don’t judge a book by it’s muscles. And don’t judge a guy who blows shit up a lot in movies when it comes to his environmental stance. Believe it or not, Schwarzenegger is an outspoken environmentalist. During his tenure as Governor of California, he signed the nation’s first emissions cap on greenhouse gas, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 and he was a Republican!  


  1. He was denied the Hulk Role

Arnold Swarzenegger works out his chest routine 

Shocking we know, but Arnold did not get the role of the Hulk. Schwarzenegger auditioned for Marvel Comics character the Incredible Hulk, the TV series.  Bill Bixby got the role but we’d say Arny did alright for himself. 


  1. He wasn’t the first choice for the Terminator Role

Believe it or not, Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't the first choice for the 'Terminator' role 

Initially the crew wanted Arnold to play the hero Kyle Reese, but director Cameron didn’t want to cast him. He felt Schwarzenegger was “too big”, and would make the Terminator actor look like the casting from “Twins.” Cameron changed his mind after meeting Arnold and realizing he’d make a great unstoppable killer robot. Ya think? 


  1. He came to America without a dime

 Arnold Schwarzenegger came to America without a dime. He's the poster man-child for the American dream, having become a millionaire, movie star and governor of California.

Everyone loves a good rags to riches story, especially when it involves lots of hard work and determination. So moving to the USA at just 21, barely speaking any English and with no money, Arnold started training at Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. He made friends with Joe Weider, a few professional wrestlers, including Superstar Billy Graham, and the rest is history. Maybe that’s where he started thinking “I’ll Be Back?” 


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