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Whatcha packin? If you live in these following states than the answer most likely is some heat. With 50 states in the ole U S of A, we found the ones who are most armed. So before you book your next vacation, take a look at the top 10 states packing the most heat. 


  1. Louisiana

Starting ya off is Louisiana with 69,668 registered firearms among 4,625,470 people. And with Louisiana laws saying you can carry in your car because it’s an “extension of your home” makes moving those guns around pretty smooth sailing.


  1. Alaska

There are 11,167 registered firearms among 735,132 people living in Alaska. Question: Can you carry a gun in a park? Yes. Can you carry in a car? Yup. Can you whisper in someone’s ear while moose hunting?’s illegal.


  1. Nevada

With a whopping 54,436 registered firearms among 2,790,136 people, Nevada is known for more than their slots. Roll the dice and you’ll find at least 19 guns for every 1000 people you meet. And you thought Nevada was only known for their beaches.


  1. Alabama

Over 96,744 registered firearms among 4,833,722 people. Can you guess their favorite gun of choice? If you said “dees guns” you were close: it’s the Glock 19.


  1. Idaho

With 24.2 guns for every 1,000 residents, That's 39,019 registered firearms among 1,612,136 people. Can you guess what’s the most common thing to shoot in Idaho? Elk. If you said potatoes you should be ashamed.


  1. Virginia

Also the name of our intern who stole $16 in office supplies from us, Virginia has 248,939 registered firearms among 8,260,405 people- that’s about 30 guns per 1000 people. Just a tip- be careful to check your spelling when Googling “Virginia facts.”


  1. New Mexico

A whopping 40.5 guns for every 1,000 residents equates to 84,471 registered firearms among 2,085,287 people. Hot damn. But this desert is more than gun ownership-they also have the most PhD per capita. Smarty-pants gun owners right there.


  1. Arkansas

For every 1,000 residents in Arkansas, there are 41.6 guns. That's a total of 123,130 registered firearms among 2,959,373 people. Here we thought their most common weapon was an Arkan-sawz….yes that was lame.


  1. District of Columbia 

    The District of Columbia comes in at number two with 66.4 guns for every 1,000 residents. That’s over 42,800 registered firearms dispersed among only 646,449 people. Holy shit. They have the US capital, the Lincoln memorial, Washington monument, and now the second most guns. Just take more of the things already, sheesh.


  1. Wyoming

Why not Wyoming? For every 1,000 residents, there are 195.7 guns! Shut up. That’s 114,052 registered firearms in a state with a population of only 582,658 people. We ask ourselves Why in Wyoming….could it be the elk? The politicians needing bodyguards? The chicks man? Who knows for sure. It’s just the Wyoming way- that’s WY (for real their new slogan).


Honorable mention 

Tied for 11th is Maryland and Pennsylvania. Later we are going to have an “arms” wrestling contest, winner takes all, no second place….or shall we say 11th place. May the best State win.

That concludes our top most armed states list. We tried to add up all the guns and we found the total to equal a shit-ton of guns. Shit-ton.7 to be exact.

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