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If you’re looking for your next futuristic whatchamacallit to impress your friends with, you have some spare cash burning a hole in your wallet, or you genuinely need one of these items in your life, these top 10 gadgets of the future are perfect. Take a ride in a self-driving car, know exactly what you’re eating, and freak out your friends with a life-like zombie attack. Whatever you need for your next gadget fix, you can find here. 

Ride-on suitcase

  1. Ride-on Suitcase

The Airwheel SE3 is a futuristic suitcase that you can ride. Labeled as a “smart riding suitcase,” users can now use their luggage as a scooter to zip around town faster. The suitcase is roomy enough for your clothes and comfy enough for a ride. Pop out the front end, hop on, and zoom off into the sunset. 

Portable Projector









    The Xperia Touch Portable Projector displays up to 80 inches of image onto your walls, tables, and floors. It uses short-throw projection and has full-interaction capabilities. It responds to your touch through an infrared 60fps camera that captures movements, becoming an innovative and interactive screen. Use it for work, use it for your kids, use it just to use it. It’s a nifty little gadget of the future.

     Handheld Spectrometer

    1. Handheld Spectrometer

    Like your food fresh? Not sure if it is? For all the food lovers out there, Linksquare is here. It’s a pocket spectrometer that measures your food’s freshness by scanning it. Linksquare does more than food, though. Use it to assess plant growth and to verify product information. Scan anything, anywhere.

     robotic lawnmower

    1. Robotic Lawn Mower

    Have a Roomba? Want a Roomba for your lawn? Robot lawn mowers keep your lawn freshly mowed 24/7 and 365. There are a lot of brands to choose from these days, but robot lawn mowers are still gadgets from the future. Impress your neighbors with a perfect lawn and your very own servant robot. Who wouldn’t be jealous? Just be careful it doesn’t get a mind of its own and decide to cut something other than grass.,GOOGLEG_Husqvarna_NB_Automowers_E_Consumer_RLSA_Store+Locator+VisitorsRobotic+Mowers_Automowers_G_NB_E_Consumer_RLSA_Store+Locator+Visitorsp33965826186&gclid=Cj0KCQjwsZ3kBRCnARIsAIuAV_Rf8Des4jjg1EwIhJhqzeo2cEN3T2fG9PDO5RccI2Yj6Hd2MQaFEjoaAvXsEALw_wcB 


    VR headset for guys

    1. Virtual Reality Headset

    Virtual reality technology was a crazy idea when The Matrix came out in the 90’s, but determined hopefuls made it happen. One of the more popular VR headsets, Oculus Rift, lets users experience the wilds of Africa up close, climb Mt. Everest without leaving home, and play any number of interactive games. Scare the pants off your kids with life-like zombie encounters and make your friends jealous of your slick moves in Beat Saber. 

    self driving car for men

    1. Self-driving cars

    What future is complete without self-driving cars? Billionaire tech visionary Elon Musk has made the impossible a reality through Tesla. Tesla cars have self-driving capabilities that allow drivers to let go, sit back, and enjoy the ride in style. They’re not without their controversy, though. Some have gotten into accidents, and a few have caught fire. But really, how is that different from any other car brand?  


    smart light bulbs

    1. Smart Light Bulbs

    Light bulbs are one of the latest housewares to get an upgrade. Smart light bulbs like Philips Hue let you control your lights from your mobile device or a digital assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Home. Philips Hue bulbs change color with the tap of a button or a spoken word and can also gradually wake you up, mimicking the rising sun. 

    solar music player


    1. Solar-Powered Music Player

    The Sony Eclipse is a media player powered by the sun. It suctions onto a sun-facing window to charge its batteries and can be used as a Bluetooth speaker for streaming music. It also includes a small compartment to hold whatever streaming device you’re using. The compartment looks like a cassette player slot complete with an “eject” button. Because, you know, who doesn’t want to relive the 80s?

     foldable phone

    1. Foldable Phone

    Remember the good old days of flip phones? Samsung does. They are coming out with a foldable mobile device called the Galaxy Fold in April of 2019. The phone is meant to let you easily change from a phone to a tablet. The price point makes it one of the most expensive phones to ever come out at USD 1,980.

     Rollable TV

    1. Rollable TV

    LG made headlines recently by announcing that their rollable TV will be for sale at some point in 2019. The Signature OLED TV R rolls out of a stand when you want to watch something and returns when you’re done all with the push of a button. The durable flat screen TV rolls into a tube shape inside the stand and has the option to only roll out one-fourth of the screen for a less obstructive view.



     Hover board




    What could be more fun than zooming around on a hoverboard like Marty McFly? Nothing. Which is why it’s now possible to own your very own hoverboard. Well, what the world collectively agrees to call a hoverboard, anyway. Once you figure out how to balance and how to not turn in endless circles, riding a hoverboard is a futuristic breeze.

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