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Top 10 Comedians Worth Watching

Top 10 Comedians Worth Watching

Humor is good for the soul. Bad humor or not so funny comedians are bad for your ears. With streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, and others, you can now find some killer stand up comedians to make this crazy life a bit more tolerable. Take a look at the Top 10 Comedians Worth Watching. 


  1. Dave Chappelle 

Dave Chappelle - Top 10 Comedians Worth Watching

Dave has been killing it for years. With his latest Netflix special The Age of Spin, he will have you laughing like you used too. Just need about 67 min of your time.


  1. John Mulaney 

 John Mulaney - Top 10 Comedians Worth Watching

John is a tall gangly dude who has a sense of humor that you’ll either love or hate- maybe even love to hate or hate to love? However you slice it, John chops up the Hollywood elites in his specials airing on all major networks.


  1. Aziz Azari

 Aziz Ansari - Top 10 Comedians Worth Watching

Aziz hit the spotlight in a not so flattering way with his sexual misconduct allegations. But the dude took it head on and channeled the dark times into some comedy that we all can relate to. He delivers examples of real life stuff like Seinfeld used to. What’s the deal with these airplane pretzels... 


  1. Iliza Shlesinger

 Iliza Shlesinger - Top 10 Comedians Worth Watching

Iliza is unique as she brings her signature brand of comedy, which means this is a set that basically educates men on everything they should know about women. But this ain’t bringing her flowers and chocolates kinda suggestions, ya feel?


  1. Chris Rock

 Chris Rock - Top 10 Comedians Worth Watching

What’s a list without Chris Rock on it? Well, the guy is back with a whole onslaught of comedy offerings to bring you back to the days of yore and the present. We are all ready for his “Tiger went Tiger” logic… 


  1. Nate Bargatze

 Nate Bargatze - Top 10 Comedians Worth Watching

Nate rose to fame as Jimmy Fallon’s stand-up guy on his Late Night show and The Tonight Show, and now this dry humored comedian brings real life occurrences to the forefront of humorville. You’ll never order Starbucks the same.


  1. Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart - Top 10 Comedians Worth Watching

Kevin has not only fought the odds as a comedian but the guy nearly lost his life and battled back. His comedy continues to do that with new specials every year and a humor that “screams” relatability. He also screams a lot too.


  1. Sam Jay

Sam Jay - Top 10 Comedians Worth Watching

On her first-ever Netflix comedy special Sam Jay continues to hone her reputation as a hilarious truth-teller, who keeps it real. Sorta too real but dang it’s funny as Sh!t.


  1. Jim Gaffigan

 Jim Gaffigan - Top 10 Comedians Worth Watching

Jim is the guy you’d see at a backyard bbq and you’d laugh your ass off at just hearing them tell a story. Well, invite him into your living room. Or backyard TV.


  1. Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler - Top 10 Comedians Worth Watching

We know. Yea he’s like 60 years old but the guy looks the same, acts the same, and tells it like it is. His Netflix special is hilarious and it inspires us to go golfing again with a hockey stick.


These comedians help put the fun back into funny and if you pee your pants laughing it’s not the worst thing that has happened to ya lately is it?



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