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Sizing Duty Belts, Battle Belts, Executive Protection Belts & Competition Belts

Kore Dual Gun Belt systems (Outer + Inner Belts) are available in one size [24" - 48"]. Kore Outer Gun Belts utilize hook Velcro, while Kore Inner Liner Belts use Loop Velcro to attach to each other. 

Here is how to size your dual belt system:

1. Size Outer Belt
    Line up the provided measuring tape next to outer belt, find pant size on tape & cut on the mark. Be sure to cut from the end opposite of the gray track. DO NOT USE THE SIZING TAPE TO MEASURE YOUR WAIST. 
    Example: If your pant size is 36", cut belt at the 36" mark. 
2. Size Inner Velcro Belt
    Line up sizing tape next to inner belt, find pant size on tape, subtract 1" & cut belt at that mark. Be sure to cut belt from the end opposite of the hex material section.
   Example: If your pant size is 36", cut belt at the 35" mark.
3. Attach Buckle to Outer Belt
    Back out the hex screws on the back of the buckle, insert cut end of outer belt,      clamp down teeth & gently re-tighten hex screws until flush. Do not overtighten or force. 
4. Try Belts on For Size
    First, feed the inner belt through pant belt loops, attach 2 velcro sides & center hex area over zipper. There should not be any velcro belt visible behind 4" hex area. If there is, remove & trim off that amount. Next, place the buckle on right edge of the hex area, then attach outer belt around waist overtop inner belt. Feed belt tip through the buckle and pull snug. Use tip keeper to secure the tip of the belt. 
5. Final Step
    If you can't make your belt tight enough, it's too long. Remove outer belt and cut an inch at a time, until ideal fit is reached. Last, singe or trim excess fibers from the cut end of the inner velcro belt & attach the metal clip tip. 
Setup Tip: Bend outer battle belt slightly backward to open up molle for easy gear installation. 
Watch our Battle Belt sizing video. The same instructions apply for all Kore dual belt systems: 

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