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Sizing 1.5" EDC and 1.75" Garrison Gun Belts

To trim your 1.5" Gun Belt or 1.75" Garrison Gun Belt to size, follow the instructions or video below. 

*These instructions are not for Dual Belt Systems. For Battle Belts, Duty Belts, Competition Belts, and Executive Protection Belts please refer to these instructions.*

1. On the back of the belt, use the ruler markings to find your pant size. 

2. Add 4 inches for OWB carry, or 6 inches for IWB carry to your pant size. Cut on the mark using a sharp pair of scissors. 

  • For Example: If your pant size is 34" - cut the belt at the 38" mark for OWB carry, or 40" for IWB carry. 
  • If your pant size is close to the maximum size marking DO NOT CUT. Try the belt on first, then trim accordingly.

3. Loosen the 2 set screws on the back of the buckle with included wrench. Insert the cut end of the belt into the receptacle with teeth. 

4. Clamp teeth down firmly and gently tighten the 2 set screws on the back of the buckle until they sit flush. Use caution to ensure the set screws are not overtightened or stripped. DO NOT TIGHTEN SET SCREWS UNTIL THE TEETH ARE FULLY CLAMPED DOWN.

5. Feed belt around waist (L to R), through the buckle and click until snug. 

  • The tip of the belt should extend  around 3 inches beyond your first belt loop. 

Sizing Instruction Video:

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