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Men's Casual Dress Guide

Men's Casual Dress Guide

When someone tells you to dress up you generally know what to do. Rule of thumb is that a nicely tailored suit is always going to make you look good. For the typical guy, when heading to a more formal event you have an idea of what it should look like. The slight panic tends to set in when someone flippantly tells you “it’s casual”. Let’s be real, casual menswear falls on a wide spectrum and what is appropriately casual in one scenario will not work for another.

For example, taking someone out on a relaxed date wouldn’t have the same look as hanging around your house. Both casual circumstances, with very very different outfits. It’s this very reason why we are putting an end to the uncertainty and giving you a go-to men’s casual dress guide that will without fail get you through any “casual” situation.


Back To The Basics 

There is a reason why people still reference James Dean as a style icon and truthfully not a lot has changed in the menswear department. When all else fails the key is to keep it basic. A t-shirt, jeans, belt, shoes, and a jacket will get you farther in the style department than you think. Here are the key elements to your new uniform, and remember to focus on cut and quality always.



Your casual t-shirts are an area that you can have some diversity. Depending on your personal tastes you can have them be graphic, colorful, or interesting materials. The thing you need to make sure of is that they fit you well. Comfortable across the shoulder and chest, the hem hitting below the waistband of your pants. As a general rule, if it doesn’t feel good on, it probably doesn’t fit. Sizing varies across every brand and no t-shirt is one size fits all. Take the time to actually try it on before you commit.

Also, every guy should have a solid black and a solid white t-shirt in their closet. They go with everything and always looks good.


When it comes to jeans the fit is the absolute top priority. Invest in a pair that is made well and go the extra mile to get them tailored. Yes, it sounds like a lot but seriously jeans are the backbone to any casual outfit and the extra investment makes the difference. The wash and cut of the jeans can speak more about your personal style. Keep it clean and modern with a dark rinse and straight leg, or go more vintage with lighter denim and a looser cut. Invest in a couple of pair of jeans that you can wear for years to come instead of a pair that will fall apart next year. It is worth every penny.



A casual outfit doesn’t look complete without a belt. In addition to being completely practical, a belt can anchor the outfit and add in touches of harder materials. It is all about the details when it comes to dressing casually and accessories hold more power than you think. Go for a belt that is designed with top quality materials, looks amazing, and will last you for decades.



When it comes to casual footwear we suggest two options: the boot or the sneaker. Boots haven’t ever gone out of style for men and they are an easy way to add some rugged elements to your outfit. Keep them neutral and leather, they will age well and only look better the more adventures you take them on. Sneakers are another choice for a casual look, but unlike boots, you are going to want to keep them looking fresh and clean. There is nothing better than a crisp pair of sneakers to make an outfit feel pulled together.



When it comes to jackets you are going to want to keep them versatile. That means get something neutral that looks good with all your other clothes and you can easily layer on when the situation calls for it. A lightweight utility jacket, denim jacket, or classic leather jacket are all good options.


This look isn’t going to revolutionize the fashion world, but when executed properly it looks polished, pulled together, and is the epitome of casually cool. It is all about going back to the basics and focusing on quality materials and good design. Over at KORE we specialize in making elevated everyday essentials. Made for man, and always a level up.


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