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The Ultimate Epic Countdown of the World’s Best Gun Belts for Every Day Carry, Concealed, Range, Competition, Duty, Tactical and War.  

[The following excerpt was reprinted with permission from Mask Tactical.  See the full article at >> ] 

Top 50 Gun Belts on the Planet. The Ultimate Every Day Carry (EDC) Belt, Concealed Carry Belt, Tactical Belt, Range Belt, Battle Belt and Competition Shooting Belt.  Best Gun Belts of all time [2019]..

Ask 10 fellow gun owners what the best gun belt is and you’re likely to get 10 different answers- it’s not as simple a question as you might expect. For starters, there are as many gun belt styles as there are purposes for using a gun belt. So, choosing a great belt is not so simple. But one thing gun owners seem to have in common is the need for a trusted supportive belt when carrying the variety of firearms they possess. That is why the response to the “BEST” gun belt was hard to answer - until now. 

To get the bottom, or top in this case, we polled firearm experts and instructors, thumbed through hundreds of gun belt websites, reviews, videos, forums and comments, finally tested many of the belts we found, and painstakingly came up with our 10 top ranked gun belts in each of 5 primary categories - not an easy task. Also important to note that all the contributors to this article are avid gun enthusiasts, owners and ccw permitted for a minimum of 20 years.  

The 5 major categories include; everyday carry belts, competitive shooting belts, duty belts, tactical belts, and battle belts. We’ve compiled the best of the best, broken down the top 10 belts in each of the 5 belt categories and then ranked some of the preeminent belts you will find on the market today. Let’s jump in and count down the 50 best gun belts on the planet – in this best of gun belt bible. 

[KORE Belts were chosen #1 in 2 different categories.] 



Best Every Day Carry Belts of 2019.  Great concealed carry belts for personal defense.


To kick things off, we are going to take a look at the best EDC (every day carry) gun belts. These belts are EDC (every day carry) belts that allow you to comfortably carry all day long in a wide variety of real-world situations. Real-world situations that include; work, play, social functions, events, a night out on the town, or simply just hanging out. These belts are designed for AIWB, IWB or OWB carry due to the construction and durability of the belt. By design, these belts are intended to support light to medium weight firearms, a mag or two and a small amount of additional gear, if needed. It's important to consider a belt that is stiff enough to support your rig, but flexible enough to move and sit in throughout the day. For these reasons, the fit and comfort are extra important to look for in this category. Bonus feature is to consider a belt that does NOT actually look like a gun belt, to keep the element of surprise on your side. Keep in mind these are NOT intended to be competitive shooting belts, duty belts, battle belts or tactical belts - we will cover those later.  Let’s take a look at the top ten everyday carry belts. 


#1.  KORE Essentials Leather Gun Belt

Alas, our number one concealed carry gun belt is the Kore Essentials X Series leather gun belts. This belt is a game changer in several ways over the traditional leather gun belts on this list. First they feature a hidden micro adjustable track with 40+ sizing positions that is sewn into the back of the belt. This track lets you adjust to your exact waist size in ¼” increments and give you a perfect fit. This also keeps your sidearm snugged right to your waist throughout the day without no sag or slag. Touted by experts like Daily Shooter, Sootch, Yankee Marshall and many others as the best-fitting, most comfortable, concealed carry leather gun belt on the market today. 

The buckles are beefier than most,  and secure to the belt using screws. The belts have a reinforced Power-Core center is nearly unbreakable, plenty stiff and yet somehow very flexible, enough so that the belt is comfortable enough to wear and move in all day. These belts don’t bind like a thick leather traditional belt does.   

Lastly, they offer a multitude of gun buckles and belts that you can interchange – most of which don’t look like a gun belt, the point of concealed carry and a big plus. 

 Kore Gun Belts for concealed carry iwb, owb or appendix carry.  Kore ratchet gun belts for EDC and CCW use.

How it’s Made: These unique, ratchet style gun belts use a simple, spring-loaded caliber mechanism that appears to be reliable and durable to lock the belt in place. Each belt itself is constructed using 2 full-length pieces of top-grain leather, stitched together with a heavy-duty Power-Core center for stiffness. This core is a fibrous coated polyurethane type material that’s tough, rigid and yet flexible to move in. Belts are constructed to 1.5 inches wide and hold up to 6 lbs.

(Sootch00 YouTube Video Review)

Made By: KORE Essentials  ($60 retail)    (shop Gun Belts)  



●     Perfect Fit that’s secure and comfortable to wear all day

●     Reinforced Power-Core™ center is stiff but flexible

●     No belt holes so zero splitting

●     Interchangeable buckles and belts 

●     Doesn’t look like a gun belt

●     Multiple styles to choose from so picking one could be tough

●     XL sizes only up to 54”





Best Tactical Gun Belts for the Range, Competition or Outdoors. Kore Nylon Webb Tactical Belts for concealed carry and open carry firearms iwb, owb or appendix carry.

Next on our best gun belt countdown are the best tactical gun belts. These belts are designed to take you and your firearms into the wild; shooting, tracking, hunting, trapping, camping, or any outdoor adventure you can dream up. They should be designed to support your gun and gear without any sag or slag. These belts are typically thicker, stiffer and tougher than your typical belt and are designed to prevent stretching, twisting and sagging when a weapon is holstered.

By design, these belts are intended to support medium to heavy weight firearms, a mag or tow and some additional gear if needed. Gun belts like this require a great deal of rigidity, meaning manufacturer’s will typically incorporate internal stiffeners or double-reinforced leather to make the belt stiffer overall. While this at times can create a less comfortable for some, this method will ensure a proper everyday carry.

Tactical belts are rugged enough to handle the work, but flexible to not restrict movement throughout the day. Belts should be tight but non impeding on breathing when putting the belt to use. The desirable width of the belt should be between 1.5” and 2” thick and materials here can range from person to person, it’s just important to choose the right one for you. Keep in mind these are NOT intended to be edc, competition, battle or duty style belts (those are covered in other sections of the countdown). Let’s take a look at the top ten tactical belts.


#1.  KORE X5 Tactical Belt

KORE X5 buckle and coyote tactical belt

 Our number one ranked Tactical Gun Belt goes to the X5 model by Kore Essentials. This belt has zero belt holes and no Velcro.  Instead it uses a cool, hidden track system that gives you a perfect fit with 40 micro size positions to choose from. Kore’s tactical belt is 2X’s as stiff as their leather gun belts (which are already fairly stiff).  

The X5 gun belt has a zip tie like fit, keep your holster and firearm secure and tight at your waist side, preventing roll-over and eliminating any sag or slop. This all makes for a faster, smoother draw.  And you can adjust on the move without having to undo velcro or unhook your buckle.  

There newer version has a reinforced  Power-Core™ center (proprietary blended material) for added strength and rigidity, but flexible and comfortable too.  Belt secures to buckle using teeth clamp and 2 set screws. It includes a belt keeper, so the belt tip sits securely against your waist. All in all, this was my favorite and offered more in the way of fit, comfort and support than the competitors.  And you don’t have to unbuckle at the urinal, so your rig is always secure. 

Kore Tactical Holster Belts.  Kore Tactical Pistol Belts for Tactical use.

How it’s Made: The outer nylon webbing (rated to 500 lbs.) and super-fiber inner layer are sandwiched with a Power-Core center and then stitched 6 times to make this unique belt durable and stiff enough to support medium to heavy weight holstered firearms, magazines, etc. (8 lbs. max).  X5 tactical buckles feature a black powder coat finish. Tactical gun belts are One-Size & fit any waist from 24” to 54” (1.5” wide). 

(TALON SEI YouTube Review Here)

Made By: KORE Essentials  ($60 retail)   (shop gun belts) 



●     Perfect Fitting that’s secure and comfortable

●     Adjust on the move

●     Don’t have to unbuckle at urinal

●     Reinforced Power-Core™ center

●     No belt holes so zero splitting

●     Interchangeable buckles and belts 

●     XL size only up to 54” 


[This excerpt was reprinted with permission from Mask Tactical.  See the full article at >> ] 

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