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"Your Average Guy" Adam York Reviews Our Kore Track Belts for Men.

"Your Average Guy"  Adam York Reviews Our Kore Track Belts for Men.


Kore track belts for men. The no-hole mens ratchet belts for a perfect fit.

by Adam York 

Fashion accessories are an important aspect of every man’s outfit, yet quite often they do not get the recognition they deserve. Belts are one such item which holds the key to style and functionality in equal measure, with this in mind let us take a closer look at the Kore Essentials Track Belt in my latest review.

Kore Essentials have created their whole brand around a very unique characteristic, namely the hidden track feature on the reverse of all of their belts. The idea behind this novel addition is that you no longer require a belt with holes, boasting over 40 size points for small incremental size changes. Does this invention call for the end of belt holes? Read on to find out!


For the purpose of the review, I chose the Evolve Buckle & Belt Set, comprising of a stainless steel square buckle featuring a horizontal lined pattern effect and including a dark brown belt. My second choice was the Express Gunmetal Buckle & Belt Set (with solid black belt), opting for a traditional belt buckle design, however, its shape is just a design aesthetic with no moving parts. Both of the belts are constructed from a high-quality full-grain leather. Both purchases offer timeless classic designs, looking sleek and smart, equally at home with jeans or even a three-piece suit.


When it comes to usability, the Kore Track belts really shine. Dismiss your previous ideas of how a belt should work, tirelessly threading the buckle prong through the holes, wearing down the leather during each wear. With this belt, you slide the end of the belt through the buckle and it instantly connects to the track, you will hear a satisfying whirring noise as the opposite ends of the belt work together as you pull it tighter. To undo, you simply press the tab hidden beneath the buckle and pull the end of the belt back through. 

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Solid stainless steel Evolve ratchet buckle for men from Kore essentials

[reprinted with permission from "Your Average Guy" blog]


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