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How to Choose the Best Gun Belt for Concealed Carry

How to Choose the Best Gun Belt for Concealed Carry


It’s easy to overlook the importance of a quality gun belt until you start carrying often, or every day. Suddenly the dress belts, work belts, and even the advertised “heavy-duty belts” aren’t cutting it anymore. As you move throughout your daily life the weight of the firearm is pulling and sagging around your waist, making it both uncomfortable and inefficient. A quality gun belt designed with long-term concealed carry in mind is the answer to all these problems and a serious game changer. Here are the top 3 features you should be looking for when picking one out.


#1: Quality Design


concealed carry edc belt benefits

Without a doubt the most important part of choosing a gun belt is getting one designed specifically for concealed carry purposes. You need something with a reinforced center to add strength and stiffness to support the extra weight. In addition to eliminating the sagging issue, a reinforced center also helps distribute the weight of a concealed carry rig around your waist evenly. This makes for a more comfortable and supported holster and enables you to carry for longer periods of time.

We at KORE have developed all of our gun belts with a power core center. Designed specifically to meet all these needs which makes it incredibly versatile. The reinforced core makes it perfect for IWB, OWB, or appendix carry. Efficient and deigned with the wearer’s needs in mind, it doesn’t get better.


#2: Comfort and Ease


The next thing to consider when on the hunt for your ideal concealed carry belt is how it wears and feels day to day. This belt is something that you are going to be using often and once it’s on you don’t want to have to think about it again. It should be comfortable, fit well, and do its job without any hassle or maintenance.

A great way to ensure comfort and adjustability is to ditch the traditional belt-hole system and upgrade to something that is far more advanced. A normal belt has about five one-inch apart sizing positions for you to adjust to. KORE on the other hand, uses a Trakline system with 40 adjustments ¼ inch apart. Basically, this means that the belt is going to be a perfect fit every time with the ideal retention to support a firearm and that makes all the difference.



#3: Style and Appearance

X4 Stainless Steel Gun Buckle & Black Reinforced Top-Grain Leather Belt Set


tan tactical gun edc concealed carry belt

Kore X5 Buckle & Tan Tactical Nylon Belt Set 

Finally, it’s very important that you like what this gun belt looks like and can see yourself wearing it often. There is no need to sacrifice the style of the belt for the functionality. Quality materials and belt buckle design both play into making a belt look and feel great. 

At Kore Essentials, we design our belts with this duality in mind and offer belts in both top grain leather and heavy-duty nylon webbing. With an array of sleek belt buckle options, this is a gun belt that you won't mind wearing every day.

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