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Men’s Fashion Trends That Should be on Your Radar in 2019

Men’s Fashion Trends That Should be on Your Radar in 2019

While trends in the menswear space seem to come and go by season, 2019 is bringing us a resurgence of classic styles with a modern twist. This year has welcomed us with utilitarian inspired streetwear, tailored suits, and sleek accessories. The great thing about these trends is that they feel contemporary and relevant, but they don’t step into the fleeting realm of overly “trendy”. Here are four styles you should start incorporating into your wardrobe in 2019, guaranteed not to make you cringe when you look back on pictures in five years.


A Tailored Suit 

A man can never go wrong with a suit. This dapper style however is taking a twist in 2019 in ways of tailoring and patterns. Keep to slim cuts that feel modern and streamlined. Don’t feel limited to the traditional black and blue suit, play with prints, colors, and textures. Experiment with unexpected shirts and accessories and don’t be afraid to mix in casual elements like sneakers to make it more wearable day to day. It's time to add new life into this timeless look.


Sleek Accessories

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Sleek and modern are the two key words when it comes to accessories in 2019. You want products that do the work for you. Keep it simple and well designed. Belts with innovative features that look good and feel even better, like the KORE Imagine Slim Belt Set. Don’t weigh yourself down with heavy accessories. Move towards lightweight wallets that won’t add bulk when they’re in your pocket, but still can hold all the essentials for day to day life. KORE designed the Slim Wallet + Carbon Fiber Money Clip with that exact purpose in mind. The main point to keep in mind is that your accessories should be light, efficient, and well made.



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Think cargo pants, camouflage, and utility jackets. This year is all about the sweet spot where function and fashion meet. This streetstyle inspired trend leans towards practical fabrics and comfortable fits. It is well suited to an active lifestyle and designed with plenty of pocket space and for the man on the move. Utilitarian inspired designs are an easy to incorporate into your look and beyond comfortable for everyday life.

Tactile Fabrics

This is the year of dynamic fabrics. You’re going to see a lot of shearling, faux fur, suede, and puffer. Materials with texture and visual depth that add something extra to any outfit. While outerwear seems to be the most popular place to see these materials you can also find them in pants, shoes, and accessories. The great thing about this trend is that it lends itself to everyone’s personal style. It can be dressed up or down, sporty or smart. The options are truly limitless since these tactile fabrics are being offered in a wide variety of cuts and styles. Embrace this trend by mixing different fabrics together. This will help add layers of interest to your look and provide new textures to your wardrobe.


We’re looking forward to seeing these anticipated 2019 trends play out. At Kore, we’re always doing our part to stay ahead of the curve so that we can anticipate the needs of our customers. From our belts to our wallets, we design our products with the utmost commitment to style, efficiency and quality.

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