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15 Common Fashion Mistakes Men Make and How to Avoid Them

15 Common Fashion Mistakes Men Make and How to Avoid Them

There are certain fashion style mistakes that are obviously awful and almost everyone loves to hate on. Socks with sandals, pucca shell necklaces, basically any menswear trends from the early 2000s. While certain fashion choices are obvious no-go’s, there are some more subtle rules that can be easily overlooked. Today we are breaking down the top 15 most common style mistakes men make and are giving you some helpful hints on how to dress sharper.

 1. Over buttoning a suit

Two-button suit? Only button the top. Three button suit? Only button the top two. Never, under any circumstance should you close that bottom button. This tradition dates back to the early 1900s and has been menswear 101 since.

menswear fashion tips

2. Under buttoning a shirt

The second part of the button rule applies to button up shirts. There is a fine line between a few casual undone buttons near the collar and full-frontal view of the chest. Unless you are on a beach somewhere in Hawaii, keep the undone buttons to a tasteful one or two.

3. Thinking nobody will notice your underwear

This is a mistake many men realize after it is too late. People notice the small details guys, so make sure that there are no weird holes or excessive wear and tear. It’s hard to come back from that situation.

4. Not caring about accessories

Writing off accessories all together is something you should never do. In addition to adding personal touches to your outfits, accessories (if done right) can also be incredibly useful in everyday life. Think sleek wallets, cool hats, minimalistic jewelry, and high-quality belts. It’s the small details that make the difference in personal style, so be sure to add touches here and there.

5. Overlooking quality

Quality, design, and fabrication do in fact make a difference in men's fashion and accessories. You should be shopping for products that are designed to work with your lifestyle and made to function at top level. Whenever you are debating quality over quantity, quality should always win out. 

6. Not putting in any effort

Trust us, the “I just rolled out of bed look” is never going to impress anyone in real life. There is only so far a man in sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt can go. Take some pride in your appearance and the effort will not go unnoticed.

menswear fashion tips

7. Overstuffed pockets

Nothing throws off an outfit more than bulging side pockets. We get it, you have things to carry, but make some conscious decisions to opt for a slimmer wallet and a minimal keyring. Your silhouette will thank you for it.

8. Over-branding

We highly suggest not being a walking billboard for a brand. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t rep any logos but keep it occasional and defiantly never wear them head-to-toe.

9. Wearing old dress shoes

A well-designed pair of dress shoes can last you a while, but once they start to show their age you need to let them go. Nothing brings down a polished look quite as fast as scuffed or faded shoes. Upgrade to a fresh pair and keep them polished to extend their lifetime.

10. Overly distressed clothing

Wearing clothes with excessive rips and tears is the easiest way to come across as unkempt (or give off a teenager aesthetic). From shredded jeans to holey t-shirts, the entire trend should simply be avoided.

menswear fashion tips

11. Wearing old worn out belts

You know that belt that you have had since you were 20? You’ve worn it to just about every occasion and it has defiantly started fading from black to a dull brown? Yeah, you need to replace that. Just like shoes, a quality belt can last you a long time but when the age starts to show, it’s noticeable.

12. Dress pants shouldn’t bunch around the ankles

This is a dead giveaway that a man doesn’t entirely know how to pick out the right suit. Luckily there is an easy fix for this, a tailor. Getting a pair of dress pants hemmed typically costs anywhere from $16 to $25 but the result of well-fitting pants is truly priceless. Make the investment. 

menswear fashion tips

13. It is a belt or suspenders, not both

Both of these accessories were designed with one purpose, to keep your pants up. Although nowadays they tend to be less about function and more about style, the general rule of belt or suspenders should always be followed. Having both in one outfit would be major overkill. 

14. Visible undershirts

An undershirt is exactly that, meant to be worn under your dress shirt. There is nothing more distracting than seeing a bit of a bit of a round neck t-shirt poking out from an otherwise pulled together outfit. Avoid this issue by choosing a V-neck that is made of thin material and fits closely to the body. The goal is to keep that undershirt stealth.  

15. Your belt needs to complement your shoes

This rule goes a bit beyond just the color of your belt and shoes. Elevate your look by paying attention to the materials and finish on your accessories and make sure they complement each other. So if you are wearing polished black dress shoes, go for a slightly sleeker black belt. If you are sporting more casual everyday shoes, keep in line with a tactical belt. Your accessories should be working together to create a cohesive look. 

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